Friday, April 9, 2010

This year's Summer Program July 13 to August 4

At Ohio State University, we are very excited again to be able to offer our intrepid Wuhan To Ohio Summer Program, and we are making plans as the weeks go by for our visitors this summer.

This year we have a promising new organization, The Ohio Center for Cultural Exchange (OCCE), which will help us gather volunteers and facilitate even more friendship and connections between Americans and our Chinese visitors.

I am honored to serve as Program Manager again this year, and look forward to all the activities forthcoming. My good friend Peter Dully will be the Assistant Manager this year, and Hans Li and Fang Ming will serve again as our wonderful daily assistants.
We will use this blog for interaction between students, teachers, alumni, and friends of the program.

Once the students have internet access at Archer Hall, we will use this blog as part of our critical thinking and reflective writing process. We will use Composition Books in the program to generate ideas, do research, and reflect upon key ideas and events in the program. From that written beginning, we will choose entries to post to the blog. In this way, we can also share photos, videos, and comments with one another, to better share and appreciate our experiences together.

I look forward to reading the blog and getting to know everyone much better!

All best in April, and forward ho!

Mike Lohre

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