Friday, July 30, 2010

photos of DC

I have tried my best...the speed is too slow and maybe tomorrow I can upload the rest ones...

Day and Night in Washington D.C.

Well, just a quick slideshow before I go to bed. What a great day. Thanks for a really nice day and as Lucia and I said many times: "It couldn't have been better!" Really a wonderful day and hope you enjoy these pictures when you get a chance to look at them. See you in the morning!

Quilting class

It's great to make paper quilts. We were divided into several groups, each member of group devoted all their mind and spirit to make one or help others to make. Let me share some quilting of theirs.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Best Farewell Party

It is so surprising to find that I have fell in love with the Ohio State University very deeply, and I do not want to leave this place which leaves great impression on me, and brings so many unforgettable memories for me; I do not want to leave this place where I can enjoy to be a real buckeye, and create such a wonderful life for me.

During these days, I always complained that it is so tired and "boring" that I do not want to participate in activities any more, and I thought that I really need to relax myself as what I like to do as possible. Although I complained all the time, I still persisted in taking an active part in this summer program. Maybe I have several reasons for this strange phenomenon, For one thing, I really have a good time here, and I just prefer to express my content mood to others. For another thing, only trying to enjoy the things can really bring enjoys to yourself. So I have tried my best to perform very well in it. No matter for what reason, I would like to express my feeling that missing here in a special way.

And it is no wonder that I do not want want to leave here tomorrow.I imagined that I have a time machine, and I would rather to get another opportunity to be a buckeye here, I won't be regretful anyway. But in fact that there is no choice for us!
Tonight the sweet people who are the very ones to us are Big Mike, Handsome Pete, Awesome Hans and Beauty Minger prepared a special party for us to see us off leave for Washington DC. Many respected guests all came there. Some of them always provide help to us, and some of them concentrate on our visit all the time, or some of them invite us to their home to enjoy ourselves. Still I should say thank you!

During the party I feel happy, but I feel grieved that I have to leave. But I have determined to pursue my deeper education here if I can. And OSU, you just wait for me, I will come back tow years later.I will try to become a real buckeye.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Never Say Goodbye

There are many moments to remember during last two weeks, I will cherish these memories all my life.
Yesterday, Pete took us to do rock climbing. I never do rock climbing before. so I feel a little nervous about this dangerous game. But when I began to climb, I found it is not as difficult as I thought , I climbed very fast and I reached the top easily. Pete said to me loudly“hey Rachel, you like a monkey!”,I felt so happy. I really enjoy rock climbing which is challenging and exciting. I think this is a sport for me.
The day before yesterday, we went to Mike’s house which is amazing and full of fantastic. I can’t believe Mike built this building just by himself. Then we watched a baseball game. I love baseball game. But I only can play waffle ball, I like the feeling that be a batter. I think baseball is a great sport, it is also a symbol of American culture. We can know the way Americans live through this sport.
I love OSU, in this beautiful area, I own great memory which I will keep in my heart for a life-long time. I love every teacher who come down with us these days, at the same time, I hold the belief that the friends we make here are also my most precious possession. I wish we can gether together forever—never say goodbye!

Art in My Eyes

When the topic refer to art, I have strong feelings to express. I find art has already become a important part of life at the time I look back the road I have gone through.
My mother is a professional lute(琵琶) player. She was chosen to the art school at the age of then. Even thought she didn’t take it as her occupation, she is enthusiastic to music. So I was forced to take many art classes like dancing and playing piano since I was three years old. My feeling to art is complex and changeable. Once upon a time, I hate dance. I thought dancing classes was painful and boring. But my mom insisted the typical Chinese way to educate, so I kept learning dancing reluctantly until I began to win some dancing competitions and eventually was admitted to CODDC(china opera dance-drama centre). As the time gone by, I find I gain great confident from dancing and I don’t hate it any more. On the contrary, I begin to appreciate I have this experience now. In fact learning dancing teach me many things which can influent my whole life. The first important thing is I know how to face failures. I understand only through sadness and sorrows could a man be strong enough to face all ills of life. When face with difficulties, just have another try, we will succeed by perseverance.
I must to say I love art especially the Chinese cultural art. In my eyes Chinese culture art is amazing. It is also a symbol of Chinese spirit. For example the fantastic Chinese traditional instrument, they are so different from those in western countries. Like the lute, which just has four strings, but we can use it to play splendid songs. In addition, urbeen(二胡) is also just a two-stringed bowed instrument, but I think everyone who listen to the song like Fishermen’s song at Eventide(二泉映月) will be deeply moved. I think all of these instruments are magical, they reflect the intelligence of Chinese people.

I don't wanna leave !

It's sad to leave.
This place gave me so much happiness that I will remember it in all my life time...
It's late and I'm tired. If I get enought energy tomorrow, I would like to write more details about my feelings.
Sweet dreams to everybody.

It's time to say goodbye~

Tomorrow morning,we will leave OSU to Washinton DC,this is the last night in this beautiful compus.It's time to say goodbye.
In the Farewall Party tonight,I feel a little sad,I don't want to leave all the teacheres that helped us in last two weeks.All of you have done so much for us,I learned lots of things from you that I have not learned before.How to play baseball,how to write statement,the geography of the United states... so many things,so interesting.I took picture with all of you,but when can we met again?Maybe in two years,I hope so.These two weeks I will remember forever,I will cherish all the momory with you,with OSU.

Forever Memory

Today is the last day we stay in Ohio.During the two weeks,I have a lot of cherish memories.Thanks to everything that our American friends have done for us.In the farewell party,I felt very sad because we had to leave here tomorrow.I love OSU,I love Columbus,I love Ohio,and I love everybody here!

We are going to Washington DC tomorrow and it also means that our trip to America will be end.Mike,Pete,Hans and Minger,I really don't want to say goodbye to all of you.But time flies,I think all we can do is spending everyday happily.Catch the moment!

O-H-I-O family forever~

I think everyone in our big family gets a little sentimentality today,because our last day here in the OSU is coming inevitably.

I'm sitting by the window and recollecting the days we spent here:We had a BBQ,We had a party at Jim's house and another party at Mike's house,We played wiffle ball and watched a baseball game,We visited a few museums,We saw polar bears in the big zoo,We ate delicious pasta and much great food that we have not eaten before,We also had many interesting classes with different kind professors,We created new jokes and common sayings,and......

Oh,too many memories!

I love the buildings here,people here,a pleasant sensation here.

Because I can't take the wonderful campus back to China with me,can I take Mike or Pete instead?Or Hans?

I'll enjoy the farewell party tonight,the same to all of you,let's leave happiness to new friends we meet here,and best wishes to them~~~


What a great time in Ohio!

I feel so lucky this year, that everyone has had such a nice experience here in Ohio. Like Emily, I feel a little sad to leave Ohio with the group, but more than that I'm just very thankful to have met everyone and spent this wonderful time here. Let's have great spirit for tonight and hope everyone has a great last day in Ohio. GO BUCKS!!!

O-H!!! . . . .. .

Can I get an I-O!!!!!???

Farewell to Ohio

28th, Aug,2010, which is our last day in Ohio State, is so memorable to all of us. Tonight, there will be a farewell party awaits us. But now, everyone is busy meeting the professors, they are in every corner of the campus, eagerly to seek the future opportunities. This reminds me we're from different parts of Wuhan University, we have our own life style, our own considerations, our own friends. The trip to go to America brings us together. It's really hard to forget the days we are together, how sad we'll be when we can't go back to the days we are all here.
This trip is very much like our university life. We live happily in our first 3 years together, and the fourth year comes, we are preparing our graduate life in various ways, just like the afternoon right now, we are seperated into different small groups. And tonight, is our graduation farewell party, after that ,we'll have a graduation trip, and then, we will graduate.
But I will always remember you all, and I will also watching your real graduation in Wuhan, as I'm a freshman, it's my fate to see all of my friends here going out of school earlier than me. At that time, Kelly, George and me will miss all of you so much. But my dear friends, graduation is a whole starting point, for most of you, we will meet again in America, may be in OSU here.
But tonight, let's just enjoy the party freely.


Time flies,today is our last day staying in OSU. I feel a little sad.There are many places we haven't been and many people we haven't seen yet,but I'm already deep in love with this beautiful campus. I still remember the day to come here: Mike took us to the Student Union to get our buckeye ID,then we walked through the Oval,met Susy and Bill in the Arps Hall and had an very interesting class. I also remember the day to visit the Wexner center of art and the great gym.I love the architectures ,bucheye trees and every nice scenery here,I'll bear them all in my heart.Besides, I'm very grateful to meet so many friendly,kind-hearted people here,you really help us a lot.You help us communicate with other people ,improve our English as well as understand the American culture. You're not only our teachers but also our friends. We have a lot of fun together.Those happy days in my mind will last forever as well as our friendship do.
Many thanks to you all,and I wish good luck to our trip to New York .Everybody has fun and enjoys life everyday!


In China, when we talk about sports of America, the first thing come into our mind is NBA. We are fanatic for Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, surely for our own hero Yao Ming. However, as a matter of fact, basketball is not that popular in America. Instead, Americans love baseball! At first, I couldn't understand the reason why Americans like a seeming boring game, without much body contact and fierce competition, until I finally got some information about the culture and history of American baseball game.

I think baseball is a mirror of America and it reflects its spirit and culture. For one thing, there's so much pressure in Americans' life, and they need a kind of sports to let off steam and get some rest. Baseball is such a game, not much physical activities, not much special equipments and specific fields, and it's suitable for both boys and girls. Another thing that impresses me a lot is that in baseball rules, everyone has equal chance to hit the ball. No matter how skillful you are, you have to strike in a certain sequence. This rule represents Americans' spirit of equality. Finally, when we pay attention to the players of baseball game, it is not difficult to find that people with different races were accepted and even became successful through baseball game, say, Joe DiMaggio Italian, Hank Greenberg Jewish and Jackie Robinson African American. All these people, regardless of their races, became famous and realized their American dream through baseball games.

To sum up, I think basketball seems to be more interesting and exciting than baseball, however, if you want to know more about American culture and spirit and to think in an American way, it is necessary to learn baseball, since it is a game that every American knows well and most Americans are fond of.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hey Jude

IT is time to say goodbye to my friends in OSU. These days, we had a BBQ together, we learnt to play wiffle ball together, we talked about literature, environmental protection, US history, geography and art, we had fun in the big zoo, we were invited to a party at Jim's house and another party at Mike's house, we watched a baseball game in a huge baseball stadium, we learnt the black people's culture, we had seen the struggle for freedom by visiting a museum, we were excited to see that Peter got a home run in the wiffle ball game and achieved victory, we met so many "giving power" things, and now we are going to leave OSU....

I feel sad and a little down. I love OSU, and the friends in this beautiful campus. Maybe a sad old song could tell my feelings.

Hey Jude, don't make it bad.

Take a sad song and make it better.

Remember to let her into your heart,

Then you can start to make it better.

Hey Jude, don't be afraid.

You were made to go out and get her.

The minute you let her under your skin,

Then you begin to make it better.

And anytime you feel the pain,

hey Jude, refrain,

Don't carry the world upon your shoulders.

For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool

By making his world a little colder.

Hey Jude, don't let me down.

You have found her, now go and get her.

Remember to let her into your heart,

Then you can start to make it better.

So let it out and let it in, hey Jude, begin,

You're waiting for someone to perform with.

And don't you know that it's just you, hey Jude, you'll do,

The movement you need is on your shoulder.

Hey Jude, don't make it bad.

Take a sad song and make it better.

Remember to let her under your skin,

Then you'll begin to make it better

Better better better better better better, Oh.

Na na na, na na na na, na na na....

MIKE has said an O--H...



WHEN we cannot change anything, the only thing we can do is do not forget.——Ashes of time. Thanks for the memery of OSU. I appreciate much, and it is forever.

Story on quilt.

Today,we have a very interesting class mainly about African American art.When it is comes to creat a new picture on quilt,our group came up with a perfect idea,which is a funny joke similar to the absurd play"waiting for Gordo".

Let me show my painting first~~I drew it at random and just took sevral seconds,so don't be serious on it please,just for fun,haha!

This picture is drawn about:Long time ago,there was a mountain,in the mountain there was a temple,in the temple there was an old monk,the old monk always told a story to the young monk:Long time ago,there was a mountain,in the mountain there was a temple,in the temple there was an old monk,the old monk always told a story to the young monk:Long time ago,there was......

Yes!This is the story that we wanted to express by this picture,and the whole story is like a circle which could repeat,repeat and repeat.It might be funny,however,this kind of thinking-style is very typical Chinese style,very complicated and confused for straight-thinking.


By the way,the there words in the lower left corner is my Chinese name written by "zuan ti",it's a kind of script,and when people draw a Traditional Chinese painting,they use it to inscribe.

Some Words About Art

A few days ago we discussed something about Art with Pete in his class,and we toured the Wexner Center for the Arts.Yesterday afternoon Emily and I visited almost the whole campus to take photos,and we had a lot of fun.
So I want to share some opinions about Art now.
I have learned architectural design for nearly 3 years,I like buildings and I regard them as Arts.The definition of Art to different people is different.The campus has so many kinds of western architectures,it is an amazing art gallery in my eyes.Buildings are still musical notes that express the designers'thoughts about life,if people who use the buildings can get some feelings in heart,the designers'works can be raised up to arts.That is the best reward to all designers.
Maybe I can be an artist some day in the future~~

fully enjoy the last two days in OSU

Recently, we had more chance to learn about black people's culture. The visit to the "underground railroad freedom center"in Cincinate was really impressive for me, since this experience provided a much more direct feeling for me than any other types of chanals. And today, we had a chance to learn more about quilting as a kind of art. Maybe racial discrimination was or even is a problem in American society, but I believe that the situation is getting better for black people and equilty will belong to all races.
I found a poem of Shel Silverstein last night. It is called NO DIFFERENCE

Small as a peanut, big as a giant,
We are all the same size, when you turn off the light.

Rich as a sultan, or poor as a mite,
we all worth the same, when we turn off the light.

Red,black or orange, yellow or white,
we all look the same, when we turn off the light.

So maybe the way to make everything right,
Is for God to just reach out...
And turn off the light.

PS, as North Common is the dinning hall that we have most of our meal in, I feel greatly reluctant to leave it. So this afternoon, I spent a lot of time in it and tried to enjoy everything there. The following pictures are "artworks" of George and me.

Class Visit

Today is a big day for me, for which I observed a class in the Hagerty Hall. It was really an unforgetable experience to see so many non-Chinese learning Japanese.
Actually at first, sweet Sussie took us three to Professor Noda's office, and we had a nice talk with Professor Mari Noda, who is really a nice and elegant woman,mainly about the graduate programe here in Ohio State. We can tell she's really the person that has a natural enthusiastic for language, for life. Language people always have an appealling to people that they're full of hope for the world. And they are always friendly and nice to the others,willing to offer help at any time. That's also an vital reason that I like languages, you are supposed to find the connections between humans, you are supposed to be optimistic to your future.
This afternoon, there are 2 teachers' training classes for graduate students, one for Chinese and the other for Japanese. So I stayed in the Japanese classroom. Actually I didn't understand many of the Mrs.Noda's introduction about me. So I just kept smilling and said hello to all of the students.
The class went on by one graduate student to be a teacher, while all of the students sitting be students. Role play is the dominant way to keep the class going. Actually their levels are much highter than me although I can understant most of what they are talking about.
And after about 30 minutes, Mrs.Noda and the real teacher in the classroom gave some suggestions and dicussed the "teacher"'s performance with students.I truely think it's an awesome class.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Love It ~~~

Even though my hair is short and I’m outgoing just like a tomboy. I really don’t like sports. Because I hate sweating. Whenever I sweats, I don’t want to do anything except change my clothes and take a shower. So when Pete told us that we would have a class about how to play baseball, I couldn’t heighten my interest in this class. After being taught the rule of baseball, my only feeling was “OK. It’s a sport. It’s just a sport. Nothing serious”
When we arrived at the stadium where we would see a game of baseball, I still kept complaining “why must we expose under the blistering sun. It’s so hot here. I don’t want to watch this game. It must be boring.” Then I went to a shady place with two girls and just ignored this game. However, when I went back to my seat and got down to watch it. I found that it’s really fun. It’s not as boring as I thought. I even cheered with other people for our team. In fact, I found that baseball is different from other sports. When we see soccer and basketball, we keep feeling nervous and keep aggressiveness in the whole game. As a contrast, we have more time to relax during a baseball game, and we can also drink beer and talk with our friends. I think this why I become interested in baseball.

the permanence of act is set against the ravage of time

From my perspective, the value of art is beyond utilitarian function. I remember an artist said: the higher value of art work , the meaning of it more non-existente. Art is the lust of inner world. The purpose of fine art is rooted not in catering to the public taste or getting recognition but in expressing visceral emotion and exhibitting deep inside. In this way, i want to talk about the spiritual influence of art on our society.
To begin with, some classical art works deliver perpetual beauty and humanity, which moisture our heart like spring shower and brighten our future like light house. For example, Van Gogh’s most famous still life, Sunflowers exhibits the eternal love to the life and promotes the thoughts about life and death; Jules Verne’s famous novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea shows the original desire to travel space, air, underwater and everywhere human want to travel and helps us to fancy what the scene of the future of world looks like; Beethoven’s famous symphony, symphony NO.5 “destiny” deliver a spirit and eternal theme about facing frustration and fight the destiny for one’s dream and hope, thus convulsing the whole world with this spirit and humanity.
Additionally, since the social reality is an important source of creativity and imagination upon which artists depend to complete their original works, arts is a mirror of society hidden ideas and impulses in some cases. In the realm of literature, authors often present vivid scenes and shape various characters, the scenes and characters which are abstracted from observation and experience in the society. An apt example can illustrate this point is about Shakespeare. In his famous tragedies---Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth, he strived to shape some characters who woke up from the ignorance and tried to get rid of the shackle of medieval but could not overcome the limitation of their times. He profoundly revealed the dark side of society and the people's strong desire to fight against the fate and harsh environment.
Besides, through studying the splendid history of art, we can lift our spirit level and aesthetic conception. History tells us that the immortal value of the art, which would not fade away as time goes by, lies in its intrinsic property which reflects the artist's true emotion, splendid imagination and their eternal pursuit of beautiful things. In the process of exploring the immortal value of art, we may find that we are more and more sensitive about the outside world and everything in our eyes becomes bright and unique. As a consequence, we get closer to our inner spirit and feel the outside world more beautiful.

Okay, time always goes on. But memory stays there.

It seems like that our time stay in the OSU is running out. Well, I have to admit that I didn't blog enough, just reach the bottom line. However, it exactly happen 'cause I am too enjoyable to record the life here, it's amazing, you will never know what is like if you do not come to here and the blog cannot tell a whole picture about the Ohio State University, the camps, the view, the zoo, the museum, the people, the food, the dorm, the air, the sprite, the baseball, the class, which are all fabulous, unforgettable, nice and cozy...

Well, almost everyone in our group is grew up in urban place of China, but I really think as a city to live in, Columbus is the very place I like a lot, fresh air, green cover, large farm, smooth road make me forget that iron city. However, as a Chinese student, what I should do is to bring some ideas about how to build up a society similarly back to my hometown, no matter how long it will pass on, my idea of city picture will stand at the view of Columbus.

Love Columbus, thank you, guys, sincerely.

A wonderful day

It's my first time to watch a baseball game in the field,it's PAW vs COL.As a buckeye now,I support for the COL.So,during the game,when COL scores,I feel happy,when PAW scores,I feel nervous.It's so interesting. before we leavethe field to our dormitory,all audiences sang the Take Me Out to the Ball Game together,which we learned in Pete's class this morning.A very fomous song,and very easy to learn.
This afternoon, we played wiffle ball again.I must to say I love this game.Pete told me I was a good batter,Pete never lie.
Will baseball be popular in China?I do not think so.But I hope one day,I will paly wiffle ball with my friends in China, then I can prove that I'm a good batter.

I love wiffle ball!

It's a huge fun playing wiffle ball, I love it because it's for pastime and it can help me let off steam.
This afternoon, we were separated into two teams, I was in the same team with Pete and fought against Mike's team. At first, we lost at 4-12, but after that, we played better and better. Finally, we turned failure to success in the last inning by teamwork.
I don't have much time to wright cause I need to have a rest... Hope Clippers win tonight!

wiffle ball is awesome

It was of lots of fun! We are better and better in playing it!
Hopefuly we have chance to do it again.
I found a picture of Pete and a friend of mine in 2008. It is a shame that I did not go to Olympic field in the afternoon. If I knew that baseball was so interesting, I would have definitely gone there. %>_<%

That is Alice on the right.

A visit to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

We visited the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center the day before yesterday. The center is located near the great OHIO river,which is the dividing line of north and south.In the center,I've learned a lot about the history of abolition of slavery.Besides,we've seen a film called Brothers of Boarderlands,which narrated how white abolitionists organized together to assist fleeing the blacks. I'm deeply moved by the story and I have some thoughts about the history of that period.

I think about human suffering. I believe that the period of abolition and the later civil war is the most traumatic episode in American history.But in fact,the equality was not ensued even after the declaration of the legal abolition of slavery. They had no basic civil rights,and strict segregation in public transportation,theaters,sports could be seen everywhere.Many of them continued to work as tenant farmers as a result of poverty and ignorance.In a word ,they still suffered a lot.So why is human history full of suffering? I think maybe it is partly because of an evil from human nature, something like aggression,selfishness and prejudice.It makes people become too ambitious to conquer and have no sympathy to the weaker .In retrospect,American history has many sufferings and victims,such as the blacks,Indians,Hispanics and Asian Americans.Perhaps the significantly miserable sufferings stem from the Americana's unique character that it is a country of immigrants like a melting pot.

What encouraged me most is the Haman's eternal pursuit of happiness and freedom. While going for it, people from different races and religions can ally together and trust each other to overcome the difficulties to reach the noble goal . I think it deserve to eulogize the heroes like John Parker,the white abolitionist who help the blacks to escape and Markin Luther King,the leader of the civil rights movement.They're willing to sacrifice their lives to help people away from oppression and pursue the dream of freedom. In the innermost of their heart is the generosity ,sympathy and the most beautiful virtues that enlighten the humans step.

Life is a dramatization of good and evil.No matter who we are , we have the right to be free and equal. Maybe some sufferings once destroyed the illusion of building a society of equality and freedom,but we can fight and pursuit . Never give up. Maybe the scars have not entirely healed, the struggle is to be continued,but we have dreams, and I believe that we'll get it in the end!
Best wished to all ~~

It's a crazy day!

I can't wait to write these words down,and what has happened just now must be one of the greatest memories that will be kept in my heart forever~
This morning Pete taught us the basic rules in baseball games and we also discussed something about sports.Then we had a wonderful party in Mike's house.Thank our new friends who provided sweet songs for us,I feel sorry that I can't remember their names,and thank Claudine for making us delicious cakes,of cause we should thank Mike for inviting us~O(∩_∩)O~
The next thing is the point.We played wiffle ball after the meal on a open grassland.That was really a crazy game!We were divided into two teams,and I was in Pete's team.We fell far behind at first,the score was even 4 to 16.Then we started to catch up.When we were behind Mike's team by 2 or 3 points just before the game finished,I can't tell the score correctly,I thought we must fail.Then things changed quickly.Pete,our hero,made a great hit,and all the players ran home,which contributed us to the final success.We got all players home!Wow~things happened too fast that I couldn't even make it clear when Pete knocked down me!We crashed into the protective screening together!It was cool!
I have to say that it was a terrible accident(joking),BUT,it was really funny!And we won!
So everything is possible,and it tells us that we should never give up before it is over.
I am really fine and happy,and I LOVE wiffle ball and PETE~(*^__^*) ~

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Toys!

I think I love polar bears most in the zoo. They are so cute and just look like big toys when they don’t move. So I spent a long time looking at them and took many pictures there.
Polar bears live in the Arctic Circle. As a reaction to the cold weather, they all have white thick fur which consists of a layer of dense underfur and an outer layer of guard hairs. In the zoo, I touched and felt one sample of their fur. It’s not that soft as I thought.
Even though polar bears are so cute, they are in danger now. I think global warming is the significant threat to the polar bears. Due to warm air temperature, ice melts earlier and earlier, driving the bears to shore before they have got enough food and built enough fat reserves to survive the period of scarce food. The pollution of industry and the expansion of human’s movement also lead the decrease.
If we don’t do something to protect polar bears, I think my children may only see polar bears through my pictures.

Art? Art!

I have to say that I was not very interested in art before. No matter what kind of art it is, I always feel indifferent to them. But this time when I visited Wexner center, I was really impressed by Mark Bradford’s “paintings”.

Most of his paintings use materials like ads. Posters or paper printed with certain theme. It was quite amazing to me because they are different to what I have seen in an exhibition before. These paintings seemed to be rougher compared to other delicate ones. And Mark seldom uses any pigment as other artists do. He uses glue to paste paper together and then scratch or rub off what he does not want, and as a result, the colors beneath will appear and compose a pattern that he wants.

I regard Mark Bradford as a very creative and genius artist. He can come up with such a unique way of “drawing”, which shares much similarity with archaeology. I believe the way he draws counts a lot for his success. Besides that, his artworks reflect some social issues like the influence of Katrina. In 2005, Katrina struck the New Orleans; many people lost their homes or even their lives in that disaster. Mark was In New Orleans at that time and experienced it himself. That is why there are so many his artworks are about this theme.

One of his artworks was a ship with some old and ragged posters pasted on it. That is a reflection of ships that have experience the hurricane in New Orleans. It shows us what they have suffered from and the feeling of pain and hurt left in the people’s hearts. But on the other hand, ship also represents hope of new lives for the people there. So it provides some positive image for the public at the same time.

Additionally, the design of the Wexner center is also brilliant. Past, now and the future, the materials that used for the construction are accordance to the different period of time. What a great and creative idea!

At last, I need to mention Shaina, our tour guide in the center. She was so patient and kind to us. She was very good at inspiring us to let us understand Mark’s artworks. Shaina went to have lunch with us after the tour and it was fun. Thank you Shaina! O(∩_∩)O~

Heal The World

DURING the time of staying in OSU, we have met a lot of funny and intersting things. Last week, we were asked to talk about whether we believe China and United States have a responsibility to reduce pollution and educate people about alternative sources of energy by Peter. I think the topic is significant, and I just want to share my opinion.

IT is a very important point which I deeply believe that each person who is living in the earth has the responsibility to reduce pollution and educate people about alternative sources of energy. Nowadays more and more people realize how serious the problem of pollution we are facing and how imperative we should find and use alternative sources of energy in place of the current energy source. As we all know, United States and China are the largest carbon-emission countries in the world. In this case, United States and China of course should take the responsibility in reducing the pollution and educating people about alternative sources of energy. And in my opinion, what we should do is not wasting our time in arguing who should pay the bill, but just do our best to fight against pollution and also lead other countries all over the world to join us guarding our living environment. I think solving the problem is the most important thing we should do. Let's struggle together!!!

I know Peter's purpose that he want us to consider the matter from different sides. And my thought about the question maybe can make sense. Anyway, I will make my efforts to help heal the world!

Become a friend of freedom

Yesterday we had a visit to the National Underground Railroad Freedom center in Cincinnati.The Chicago Tribune said "If you see only one museum in Cincinnati,this should be it".And in my point of view,this museum is the most meaningful and attractive one I have ever seen in Ohio.
Our tour guide was an enthusiastic and passionate man.His talk,or even lecture,was so attractive that our group was bigger and bigger.We caught a glimpse of the history of the African-American people.In the slave trade 2.8 million people couldn't
complete the journey from one continent to another.The children of slaves belonged to the slave owners rather than their parents.Family were separated now and then.We were all shocked by their miserable life.
However,it is inspiring that driven by duty and religion,many people with justice,like Parker and Rankin,risked their lives to help slaves cross the Ohio River and pursue freedom.The movie Brothers of the Borderland portraits a tough ride for liberty and a fierce fight for freedom.
We all left with a deeper understanding of American history.Someone said that the exhibits and programs bring attention to the issue of social justice by making us aware of the need to keep battling for freedom.We are not supposed to kill each other.We need to trust each other.Cherish the freedom we have had and fight for that we have not.Please light a candle of the window in our hearts and have freedom passed on from generation to generation,just like the meaning conveyed by the symbol of the National Underground Railroad Freedom center.


It is a little bit difficult for me to imagine Pete as a professor, since he is so fashionable and cool- more like a film star than a professor. Actually, he is an outstanding professor and everyone will agree with me after attending his class.

I was honored to have a chance to attend Pete's class on Thursday. At first, Pete proposed his three rules in his class: the first one is English, that is, always speak English in his class, the second one is no little machines, that is, electronic dictionaries and cellphones are not permitted in the class. I highly support that because we are learning English in America, and the best to learn it is to use it and think it. The third rule is called 'Hey Pete!', that is, no matter when you have any questions, you can just put up your hands and say it aloud, 'Hey Pete!' , then Pete will answer the questions for you. This rule seems to be weird for us since it is not a common situation in China. In Chinese class, the teachers are always the boss and always right. We are taught to follow the teachers' thoughts and more often than not, we raise our hands to answer the teachers' questions not to ask teachers questions. Besides that, it is especially rude to interrupt teacher's instructions and bring out a tough question which is not easy to answer for the teacher. As long as I'm in USA, I have to do in an American way and be more brave.

The class was divided into three groups and the topic of my group was to discuss climate change and how it might affect humans in a profound way. I had prepared for it last night and got some points of my own. I thought the global climate was getting warmer and warmer because of greenhouse effect since so much greenhouse gases such as CO2 and methane are released everyday. As to the consequence of global warming, the first thing came to my mind was that the global warming might cause the glaciers to melt and increase the sea level which might submerge the small islands or even the continents. However, through discussion with other students, I got some new ideas which I could never think of on my own. Somebody said the warming of climate may cause the spread of mosquitoes since they tend to live and reproduce in warmer conditions. And mosquitoes carry bacterium and virus and transmit disease. The disease problems brought with global warming should also be considered. And more other novel and terrific ideas were mentioned in the discussions. Thus, I thought the American way of teaching was more efficient and effective than Chinese way, since the former one encouraged people to think and have different opinions which were very important to learn real knowledge.

Reminder: Writing Prompt #4 from Dr. Hancock

Hi students, and hope you return home from the Polaris Mall today with most of your shopping done now, and that you are finding the things you need for family, friends, and yourself. We will have a few small chances more, but now our shopping time will be very limited from now on.

Tonight, please remember to complete the assignment for Charles (Dr. Hancock). He wants you to just write a rough draft of your individual three-paragraph Statement of Intent. This could be used someday as practice or as a draft for actually applying to graduate school, and is a very nice thing to practice in writing as it is so vital to your chances of getting into a good school.

Charles has agreed to read the statements and provide feedback to you. He by no means expects them to be perfect or lengthy at this point, but he just wants you to get started and to help you form ideas for your Statement of Intent in the future, when you will spend much more time on this important piece of writing.

This assignment should be sent to Charles either tonight, or by tomorrow, Monday, at 5 p.m., if you wish to get comments back from Dr. Hancock before you leave Ohio. Please send him your three paragraphs at

Good luck!

An awesome day!

When I was in Yale middle school, my classmate who went to the United States told me that the most exciting thing he had experienced in America is going to the church, since then, I am dreaming of going to the church one day. This morning, Big Mike brought us to King Avenue Methodist Church, that was a dream came true for me.
In church, we prayed, sang, had lunch... we had a great fun in the church!

Wonderful Saturday shopping

Now is the Sunday morning, it's raining hard outside. And we still have an hour before going to church, I decide to write something on my blog.
I recalled many precious memories that I treasured these days, but right now, the most fresh flashback for me is yesterday. I opened my eyes, found my new bag, got off my bed,found my new shoes, all these solid evidence indicate that I had a great time shopping in the outlet.
Actually compared to many girls, I'm not a good shopper, I don't know much about brands, and little about what I want, shopping for me is more like wandering among the stores. I constantly reminded myself I had to buy something, it's in America. So I began my tough time choosing stuffs. In fact, I wasted almost 2 hours hanging in Nike and Adidas ,bought a pair of " not so satisfied" shoes. But as soon as I entered a women oriented shoes store, I spent less than 10 minutes made a deal on the Cloud 9 which is also a sneaker with extreme comfort. In the next 15 minutes, a bag with a very reasonal price also convinced me to bring it home.
You know it, time always flies when you've just got into the groove. I finally realized I had so many stuffs wanting to buy, but the Urban Express has already be there waiting for me. But that's also the best for shopping, stop at an appropriate time, and be enthusiastic for the next time.
Ok, now it's nine twenty-five, which means I have only 35 minutes to prepare for church. I think I'll sleep for a while and wake up Linda 20 minutes later.

a glimpse of a different art

Wexner Center for the Arts is an amazing place.It is said that "It has helped turn Columbus into a cultural destination"by New York Times.And in my opinion,that's true.Fortunately,Pete has led us to think about art from a new angle by teaching us about some art.As a result,we can think deeper by ourselves while visiting Wexner Center for the Arts.
Guided by a sweet girl,we saw Mark Bradford's works.At first sight,it seems to be so strange to me.Various colours,irregular shapes and bizarre materials,they made me feel puzzled.However,having got some explanation,I got to know the meanings of his works.A painting formed by plenty of cloth pieces conveys the confusion of modern society,because it looks like the unclear image of the computer screen when you work deep into the night,which is quite common.It turns out that Mark is creative and gifted.
I notice that there are so many differences between Chinese cultural art and American art.One of the significant differences is that Chinese art seems to be more general and public,while American art turns out to be more abstract and personal.For example, if two artists with two cultural backgrounds have experienced the same horrible hurricane,Chinese artist's works can be much more realism and understood easily by portraiting refugees.On contrary,American artist's works turn out to be more abstract by expressing his own feelings of the strong storm.And without further explanation, we can hardly understood thoroughly.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some things I wrote many days ago

Today is July the 16th. And we have been in the United States for about 2 days already. Bob have told us that we would meet the Big Mike. So in my imagination, Mike is just a verytall and fat man. But when we arrived at the airport in Columbus, I saw the real Mike, and only to find that he is a tall man and just a little robust. At the same time, Mike brought awonderful present for us,Pete and Hans.

Then I should talk something about Pete. In myeyes, Pete is a charming man for his friendly treating to me and his encouraging words to help me express myself confidently. And now I have got the enthusiasm to speak out.

The other one is Hans Li, who is really a pretty boy that he always asks us"Do you get a goodsleep?", and he makes me feel very comfortable. So I need to say "Thank you!" to them. Thank you for your good guiding! Thank you for your wonderful and detailed schedule.

And then I should add to write something about Ming Fang,who is not only a teacher for us, but also a friend or a sister for us.

Really thank you!

This land is your land

This land is your land

this land is my land From California

to the New York Island From the redwood forest

to the gulf stream waters

This land was made for you and me

As I was walking a ribbon of highway

I saw above me an endless skyway

I saw below me a golden valley

This land was made for you and me

Let's talk about art and science!

ART is important for human beings, because it can help us understand the meaning of life and nature and improve our relationship when we make art.
We can see lots of scientists love art. For instance, Einstein loves playing violing. And so many scientists have said that science and art can not be apart, it's two different bodies of nature, and if human want to discover nature, they should master in both art and science.
ART includes music, literature, film, photography, sculpture, and paintings, and the meaning of art is explored in a branch of philosophy known as aesthetics(BY wiki). Not only art but also mathmatics and science set their goal that pursuiting aesthetics in their studies. As a man who have a dream to become a physicist, I know if I want to achieve my dream, I should learn art and understand art. In art, there is symmetry which is the first principle scientists should follow, and art can give scientists inspiration and help them to use their intuition.
So, if you want to be a scientist in future (amont us, hopefully three or four want to be ), let's learn art first!


I appreciate the scenery of Ohio so much that I am fascinated by the sky,pretty clouds,the sunset and so on.

some photos of us

No bricks please

Friday, July 23, 2010

Sad News. Goodbye, Mr. J. Michael Dunn, friend of the WTOSP

As all of you know, Mike Dunn, who is on our Board of Directors for the OCCE and the Wuhan To Ohio Summer Program, has been very sick this last month. Yesterday, we sent him flowers and you all signed a card to him. He got this card last night and was very grateful. His life was dedicated to making students happy and healthy here at Ohio State. On top of that, he was our friend and my good friend. I really regret tonight that I never got to have lunch with him and talk about the program for this year. We were scheduled to do this in late May, but I got too busy, then Mike became very ill, and we never rescheduled. This is an example of not catching the moment, and tonight I wish I had.

Mike died this morning about 11 a.m., while we were attending Dr. Hancock's session in CC230. I wish you all could have met him. If he had been feeling well, you all WOULD have met him and loved him. All students did, because he was so kind and happy all the time, and was a lot of fun to be with. He added so much life to the program last year and I'll never forget how proud he was to lead cheers, shout O-H and wait for the big I-O!, and to join us for lunches and the farewell party. He was always willing to go the extra mile for us, and many students over the last two years kept in touch with him over email. Mike also really had a heart for disabled students, and volunteered every year for the huge Special Olympics event on campus for handicapped children. He had a very soft heart.

God bless you, Mike, and thank you for all you have done over the last three years to make Ohio State a friendly, welcoming place for all students, and thank you for treating all our visitors from China like a cherished part of the OSU family. Thank you, Mike.

Though you never knew him, Mike Dunn was a positive and vital part of our summer program. Mike, you are already missed greatly, and we in the program remember you, respect you, and we will always miss you.

still the old pictures try to make a slideshow

The way our foreign friends use to learn Chinese is very helpful

Just now we have met three new foreign friends.They are learning Chinese.We had a nice talk about the ways to learn a foreign language.I think we can be good friends with them and learn much from them.
Communication is important to learning a foreign language,and we should create chances for ourselves to talk with foreigners,not just stay in our Chinese group and speak English with teammates using the words from textbooks.
So,to learn English well we still have much to do.
Program is going on,learning is going on,and good luck to everyone!

Slideshow of Statehouse, Dave & Busters, Grad School Talks

Hope you enjoy these pictures, and hope to see some video and slide shows from some of you. Let's share our pictures! Catch the moment.


p.s. by the way, if you upload photos to a free Picasa photo account, you can embed them here in the Blog. just follow this link to show you how:

Make sure you click not on the e-mail link, or the link to slideshow, but on the third choice, the Embed Slideshow link, as that gives you your own photo viewer in the blog, and does not take you out of the blog to Picasa. Have a try.

And here's the slideshow:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the Dragon

I have watched a movie before this trip, that is , the Dragon. It pictures that the battle between the Viking people and flying dragons caused by the scarce knowledge of each other, ends by the hero, in this case, the son of the Viking leader, a brave boy, in breaking the wall of the sterotypes and making friends with the former enemies. The vicious circle of killing comes to an end.

This film reminds me of the time when the media of both China and America depicted each other as injustice ,whose people suffered a lot. Those were also sterotypes.

On the psychological level, sterotypes are out of the self-defence caused by fear ,which means people may feel relieved when ignore the inner differences of a foreign group and only build a hypothesis that all the people of that group are the same. This kind of attitude is, however, harmless, on the condition that you would stick firmly to your limited surroundings. If not, there may come severe problems.Just as Franklin D. Roosevelt has put it ,all we have to Fear is Fear Itself. Fear, I think, is nothing but a kind of human nature. But nature does not unconditionally means correct. Sterotypes block communication and interaction, keeping people from knowing each other to the further degree.

In the film, both races are better off by talking and cooperating instead of attacking and killing. As far as the Sino-US relationship is concerned, it is high time we encourage wider, deeper level of communications both among the people and the govenments, which will definitely earse, or at least, reduce the sterotypes that have lasted for years. If that is the case, we will both be better off.

We can be friends.
We should be friends.
We are friends.

my opinion about the the transparency of government's work

Government Day is not very attractive to me, but i am really interested in the native American's idea about" whether the government should open all information to the society". Well, answers vary from individual to individual. Actually, politics is really a complex issue and we can hardly make conclusion without a comprehensive consideration. Well, i will tell something about my opinion about this question.
To begin with, there is no denying that the government should withhold some information about the official secrets and military secrets. Fully disclosing to the public these types of information would pose a threat to the public safety and even national security. Hence, it is inculpable for the government to withhold information in that the government takes the responsibility for the stability of the whole society and the welfare of the general public in the long term. For example, if the government discloses the strategies for impeding specific plans of a terrorist movement, it may stimulate the mass hysteria. What's worse, those strategies would be doomed to fail and the public's safety would be compromised.
By contrast, in some other cases, the government should increase the transparency of their work and guarantee public's rights to know. First consider the information about public crisis, such as epidemic, economic collapse, criminal gangs and so forth. If the government withholds this information, it may damage the public interests and even lead to heavy casualties. For example, if the Mexican government withheld the H5N1 epidemic, the whole world would have suffered from more serious infection spread. Next consider the information about the leader's principals and objectives. In a democratic society, a leader is elected by people and an effective leadership bases on the support of the general public. So the public have the right to know the motives and agenda of the leader and the leader should not rely on secrecy or even deception to maintain his or her leadership. Otherwise, the leader may ultimately lose the support from the would-be followers and drop the reins of government. Such paragons as Nixon come immediately to mind. His tactful performance successfully misled the most American people and won the presidential election. However, the truth could never be covered and ultimately he forfeited his power.
However, in reality, the political issue is so complicated that whether the information should be withheld is hard to decide. Particularly with respect to information which is beyond prediction and human control, the government may come into a dilemma. An apt example about earthquake can underscore this point. The seismological bureau predicts an earthquake in a certain region in a period of time. However, in fact, no country can accurately forecast the accurate time and place of an earthquake. If the government publishes the alert, the productivity and regular life of the people may be hindered while the earthquake may not happen in a long period. But if the government withholds the information, it will cause enormous casualties if the earthquake actually happens. Therefore, whether the information should be open requires all-side consideration. The political leader should strike a balance among competing interests and weigh the advantages and disadvantages and then make choice.
At last, I have to point out that though the game of politics requires disingenuousness and dishonesty in some cases, these certain cases can never be overextended and a leader can not deceive the public for his or her personal interests in guise of nation security. The core spirit of democracy is rooted in guarantee the public right to know the operation of the government and any leader who is blind to this point surely results in forfeiture of his or her leadership.

Guys, don't pay attention about success, let's enjoy life!

Today, I just read a book about success. I think it gives me a deep impression that make me rethink about why we need success. Everyone wants to succeed, and no one wants to be a loser. But sometimes, we are traped by success that when we got our goals, we can't feel happy but feel sad that we'll have another goal instead of the old one.
To be honest, I was traped by it last year and felt terrible cause I learnt so many courses as Anthony Robins' Personal Power, Get the Edge, etc. These courses really can help one become more efficient, but aren't good to help people to get real success.
As time past, I find out that enjoy your own life is the best way to succeed and no dependence on PC games, alcohol (actually I never drink a lot), drug... We know so many stars suicided because they can't pursuit the happiness they want, and all of them have a lot of money that people think they can live a happy life.
It's my lesson that we should pay attention on our life no matter whether we got high praise from others or not. So guys, enjoy life, and learn to make the world a better place to live!

Thank you, Mike, my friend.

How are you guys doing?
My laptop was down as I have mentioned before, however, Mike gave me his macbook today. So sweet! Really appreciate what Mike has done for me and us. By the way, I am a big fan of Apple, even though I did not have one. Every touch on the keyboard make me feel excited now. Enjoying.
From now on, I could be able to log on blog everyday. Okay, then, let's talk about my American impression, in fact, I got to know about United States when I went to the junior school, where I accepted sort of American education, 'cause my school was initiated by several professors form Yale University in 1906. I remember my teacher named David from Yale taught me a lot about USA, such as American English, songs, culture diversity and baseball. At that time, I have a picture about America: a large nation as we are with much fewer population which believe that freedom comes the first. In this way, I was effected by their culture indeed, surely, freedom became my chasing goal. Well, that's what I want to blog-on today, blog you next time. Bless us!

Part Of Our Team

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You really are awesome students!

I've only had the chance to interact with you two times -- when you did the campus "information scavenger hunt" last Friday, and again yesterday, when you reported on the conversations you had with Americans for your survey task. But I can tell you, I was really impressed with you all. Your curiosity and intelligence are "gei li" (is that correct?), and your command of English is inspiring.

BTW, for more O-H-I-O images, see

Bill Holschuh

the second day having the frist class in America

Today, we attended Mike's class, and discussed about two stories with American students. It is the frist class we have in America.
During the class, both of us were divided into many groups, and discussed the questions on paper.In our group, there is mellisa, a fat guy(I don't remember his name.So I decide to call him'the guy'.) and I. In fact, I couldn't catch the guy's speed when he speak English, and at the same time, his voice is too small.Therefore, I can't catch many details about what he said. There were so many times that I want to remind him to slow down his speed, however, it seems that he likes to have a speech or publish his views(I guess, because he just kept speaking and seldom to have a breathe.), so I decided to give up the thought to let him slow down his speed and give him a good chance too make a speech to us ,the foreigners, even though I don't understand what he wanted to talk about.(I feel a little cold when I read this place, maybe , I tell a cold joke.)
I prefer the Mike's way to educate students to the way which is often used in China. Everyone can have different view. There is no absolute the correct or the incorrect answer.They just the different points after we thought about the questions. In fact, I asked Hans a question before. It seems that whether the American teacher tells their students the optimal answer to the question when the students hold the thoughts which may lead them to the wrong logic or the wrong theory. And the Hans' answer is 'No, they encourage their students have different view '.
Therefore, I have a question here: is the way to which the American teachers choose optimal?
I think, our human society has built up a set of system to keep itself balance. No thinking is allowed to break the balance. However, everyone can have the different logic, therefore, everyone may have the different opinion. Thus, it has the possibility that someone's thinking is harmful to the balance. When someone keeps some extreme thinking, he or she could become the troublous source of the society.From this point of view, this educational way exists some problem.
It is sure that we can apply some useful means to prevent this situation, such as the religion.It is useful, but not the best one. Is there a method can solve this problem completely?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the first day I arrived at Columbus my mood

"wow, I'm in American university! I can't believe it!", I think they are the most suitable words to describe my excited mood when we arrived in The Ohio State University.
Yes , that's right. It's crazy for me. Before I participated in this Summer Program, I never imagined that there is one day in the future I can go to the America and go through the other kind of culture which is different from Chinese. But now, maybe I have to remind myself one more times :"yes ,it's true,I am here now."
When the Mike leading us go to the Student Union, I have a chance to calm down and observe the campus. Not only the different people and the different language, but also the style of the architectures,the beautiful landscapes and every other things in the campus can attract my attention. I'm a curious girl, and I like the new things, such as the knowledge ,the culture, the guys, the foods and so on.Therefore, I just told my friends "I like X X X"frequently because I was too excited to forget talking about some other things.
I like the life ,buildings ,scenerys here.Meanwhile, maybe the most important point is I am lucky to meet these nice people.They are Mike,Pete,Hans,Mrs fang and all my schoolmates and teachers.

Talk to Ohio

This is my second time came to America, but it's the first time to Ohio and to learn in the American classroom. Though this trip is not end yet, I still learn a lot so far.

The day we went to Air Force Museum is a big day as others. But I want to mention it. because it leave me a perfect impression. On the way back from the AFM, I talk to Pete about the difference between China and America. And the point of this is focused on the individuality and harmony.

As everyone knows that American uphold individuality and freedom. While in China, president Hu has just talked about harmony. These two thing are different absolutely. I can't tell which is better cause they both have two sides.

Pete thinks that people in America perusing individuality & freedom is not a bad thing. But now there may be too much individuality. And because of that, people think they can do everything they want. Then there come lots of problems of society, since individuality may cause lots of conflicts, right? So the society's harmony which was talked by Hu should be taken into consideration.

While I think people in China are not as creative as in America. We do what teacher told us to do. We think as the parents told us which way is the best or the correct. We get few critical opinions. If there's a theory about something, we are very easy to follow. As time goes, we get used to follow others instead of creating by ourselves. We got the same opinion. We all do the same things! But actually those are things we don't want to see. Although it seems harmonious on the surface, people in the society are just enduring. Cause they have to give the same answer to the exam. they have to please boss by presents. They can't have his own opinion on certain affairs. Or to say you can't say your opinion to the public. Facing these problems, should we take individuality into consideration ?

So there must be an equilibrium point between the individuality and harmony. So what will be the point? It didn't come up an answer to this question in the conversation. But I just think about it after. I think American usually consider things with units of single person. That is they usually want to max they own profits. That's not mean selfishness. That is if someone need help, that's OK. If not, I would do just to make my life better. While in China, people usually consider things with units of the whole society. That is, Chinese usually nerves about "What will people around me think about my action?" For example there is a man wants to recite English words in the study room with other students around him. He may think whether he would be looked down upon cause the book he carry is just primary one. Yeah that may be ridiculous. But actually it is.

Hence I think why don't people consider things with units of a family ? Since we all have our family. Society are consisted of units of family. What people consider is to max profits of the whole family. Is that will be better? I don't know. It is just an simple idea came in the today morning.

So it just my thought. And a few things may displease you. Just forget about it, cause I didn't give the best representative example.So what do you think of this? Did you find an equilibrium point? Or do you identified with me? Or what's your opinion about this? Let's chat about this.

Wuhan To Ohio Summer Program 2010

One Day in the Zoo

On July 17th we went to the Columbus Zoo.I was so excited because I saw lots of animals the first time,especially the koala bear,which is my favourite animal!

Well,maybe I should write from the beginning of our trip.The first animal I saw in the zoo was polar bears.It really surprised me because in my opinion,polar bears live in quite cold environment,but in the zoo,they just laid in the sunshine.Then Mike told me that although the temperature in Columbus was high,the water was very cold so they can stay in water.I also saw the workers in the zoo put some ice in the water so that the polar bears can play with it.As global warmig becomes more and more serious,the ice melted and as a result the area of the animals' habitats is decreasing quickly.Some kind of animals is in danger of extinctin now.In order to protect these animals and keep the balance of nature,I think we must decrease the production of carbon dioxide as much as possible.

What really excited me was the koala bears.They were so lovely.I still remember that when we saw them in the afternoon,one of the koalar bears was sleeping.The feeder had to wake it up and let it climb down from the tree slowly.The koala bear seemed very reluctant to leave the tree,so it crisped the tree tightly.It's fortunate that the feeder had a lot of patience and finally she succeeded in taking it back.Besides koala bears,we also saw kangoos in Austrilia pavilian and grillars in Africa pavilian.They all made deep impression on me.

At the end of the trip I was exhausted,but I must say it's really a fantastic day!

So Let's "Giving Power"

I am still wondering whether it is a dream that we really come to such a fantasy and marvelous campus. Since we stepped on the continent,everything has become different and amazing. First of all, I wanna appreciate my three great and nice friends, Mike, Peter and Hans. Thanks to them, we can enjoy our travel well. I love them.

Also, what has most shocked me since we came to US is the pasta in sbarro, which is called the No.1 Italian fast food shop. Totally, I think only the phrase "giving power" can describe pasta. And I told Mike and Peter what "giving power" is yesterday. Actually, "giving power" is a chinese word, gei li. I said "giving power" has the same meaning as awesome. It is not exactly correct. I think it also means awful or terrible in certain situations. In this case, the pasta is very "GIVING POWER"!!!

When we first came to OSU, we just had listen to a welcome speech. It is great. I think the body language stands for OHIO is awesome, or "giving power". And I have a new friend because of the speech. She is Di Fu, a lovely, clever, broad-minded and outspoken girl. After the speech, we had a talk. It is very delighting I found that we come from the same city, Shenzhen. And we also have several common friends. And she told us a lot of interesting things in OSU. Yes, she is cool, and very "giving power".

I always feel fortunately that I can come to OSU and make friends with so many humorous and admirable people. It is fantasy. I expect much more "giving power" will come~

Catch the moment!

I am extremely happy for playing and studying with Mike, Pete, Hans and other students these days, we barbequed, played wiffleball, enjoyed pasta, went to the zoo, museum and wetland, exercise in the gym…those activities were quite interesting and made a lot of fun for me.
I can still remember the first time we met Mike, Pete and Hans cause someone made a big joke that we couldn’t forget it in our whole life. Otherwise, you three guys are quite large and friendly that I love to work with: Mike is a responsible, gentle and kind man, he is our leader and makes the plans that I like so much. Pete likes making jokes, and he is funny and always has a charming smile. Hans is an ABC, he can speak Changsha dialect and he is the one we can turn to when we get in trouble, so that we always say, follow Hans, we'll have meat to eat!
Last night we played American card game and after that we played Chinese card game until about 1. It’s not good playing so late, and I know I have a big stomach to card game, it isn’t good but I’ll try to get rid of its allurement.
We have great teachers, beautiful campus, friendly buddies, I love this land and I would be happy to come here again, again and again!
Catch the moment buddy, you’re young, you’re good looking, you got plenty of money, and you can do whatever you want to do. But if you do nothing, even you’re exhausted, extremely tired that you never try anything, then you won’t have another time to try it and you’ll miss all you lost.

fantastic zoo, amazing trip!

At first, I want to say thank you for Mike,Pete and Hans.You are so nice and friendly.

We have been America for about one week. I must say I love here.The U.S is a amazing country,the beautiful scenery(especial the compus), the friendly people,and the fantastic Clombus Zoo impressed me deeply,I will never forget.

Now, I want to talk something what I think about the tour to the Clombus Zoo.It's a zoo that very big and beautiful.So many animals in there,some
(a liittle bit nervous..)
animals I have never seen in china,such as polarbeer,penguin,flamingo bird... Thay are so cute.

But we all know the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica.Maybe you think Antarctica is so far away from your hometown,however,Antarctica is the hometown for penguin,penguins are in danger now! It's all because of human that why this situation come.

With the rapidly ecnomic development, human use too many natural resources.We polluted the environment seriously and bring a lot negetive effects to the nature.Many animals are in the edge of extinction.

So, I think it's time for human to do something about the pollution.It' s our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy.You might ask yourself,"have I picked some rubbish and thrown it into a dustbin?Have I ever collected waste paper or bottles for recycling?Have I ever planted any trees or flowers in or near my neighbourhood?" ----If everyone makes a contribution to protecting the environment,the world will become much more beautiful.More lovely animals would survive.We should know that the earth not belong to human,it's belong to all creatures living here.


Well, this is the first time I've been in America and everything is new to me. Despite of the delicious food and beatiful sunshine, I'm surprised at American's politeness and hospitality. American people try to be polite and decent anytime when they communicate with each other. As a matter of fact, it is quite often for you to hear ' Excuse me' or ' Thank you' in USA, even though you are totally not expecting that. Moreover, you are sure to receive a warm ' you're welcome', if you give thanks to an American. Thus, I feel a little bit unaccustomed or even embarrassed when I received so many unexpected greetings, since in China, it is not so easy for us to give thanks unless he or she really helps us a lot. And 'you're welcome' is not that popular either, since we sometimes regard others' offer as a duty or a job.

I try to find out why this happens. According to my understanding, Chinese people are also kind and polite, however when it comes to this part, we seem to be cold. I think this phenomena has something to with the difference of personalities between westerners and easterners. Westerners like Americans are more extroversive than easterners like Chinese, they tend to express their feelings and thoughts right away through their facial expressions and verbal expressions. While Chinese people may keep the feelings deep in heart and not always express their gratefulness in words.

Nevertheless, I don't think the personality thing can entirely explain that. It is always true that the happier they are, the nicer they will be to others. I hold the idea that Americans lead a relatively easier life than Chinese people and they have a higher standard of life. So, no matter you are a shopping assistance or a gate guard, you are happy all the time and more importantly you bring happyness to others. However, in China, people of low status have to struggle for a life, they may worry about food and housing problems, education fees for children, and so on. Such kind of hardness exhausts their passions to transmit happyness to others. I don't want to hide the fact of problems in Chinese society and I strongly support that the welfare of a society can definitely determine its people's level of civilization and happyness.