Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A sunny day in Zoo

We all went to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on this sunny Saturday.It is an amazing trip.

I was really happy to see a lot of animals that I've never seen before, such as polar bear , koala,kangaroo,otter.

However,the most exciting animals to me are sea star and sea horse.When I touched the sea star ,I found that it is tough instead of soft .That it's not the way i had imagined in my mind.So it was so interesting.And I was also lucky to see two big sea horses with myriad small ones. I used to think that male sea horse could breed.But the staff in the Aquarium told to me that the fact is that female sea horse takes charge of breeding while the male sea horse takes charge of looking after the baby sea horses in his brood pouch. Sea horse is really a kind of special animal. In fact,I l ike them so much because I live in a city by the sea in China and my love to halobios traces back to my childhood.



lucia said...

what a pity i did see the sea horse,but thanks,dear, i know you got photos. could you paste one for me?

mikelohre said...

Jean: now I know you live in a city by the sea and love the aquatic life. Thanks for sharing a great sense detail from the zoo. I missed that information and only briefly went through that line to touch the animals underwater. Good work!