Sunday, July 25, 2010

An awesome day!

When I was in Yale middle school, my classmate who went to the United States told me that the most exciting thing he had experienced in America is going to the church, since then, I am dreaming of going to the church one day. This morning, Big Mike brought us to King Avenue Methodist Church, that was a dream came true for me.
In church, we prayed, sang, had lunch... we had a great fun in the church!


Beth(wang qing) said...

I love the music there. Both the music from the organ and the songs they sang. Music can putrify people's soul and mind. I always believe so.

lucia said...

Yes, I love the church activity. Thanks, Mike. I've been to a lot of churches in Europe. But not as enjoyable as this morning. Because I understood the whole process---preliminary introdution, interpretation of the Bible (Exodus1-22),songs, prayers.I listened, I read the prayer, I sang anthems(67,94,578,711) with people in the church.
I like the creed:Open hearts, open minds, open doors.We welcome all who seek to love the Lord." You are all welcome." It shows this is a very open-minded church.
I like the musical play, esp.the piano.
I like the atmosphere, people are so nice to each other, and to the strangers like us.
I like the food, which was freshly made, very much like taste of Chinese food.

No wonder Mike comes to his church regularly!!!

mikelohre said...

George, thanks for being open to new experiences and you have all been so open minded this trip, even on things very strange and maybe even confusing or awkward to you. That's brave, and I'm proud of you all.

Glad you enjoyed your expereince, and nice to hear the music and service were unique for Beth and Lucia, too.