Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Time flies,today is our last day staying in OSU. I feel a little sad.There are many places we haven't been and many people we haven't seen yet,but I'm already deep in love with this beautiful campus. I still remember the day to come here: Mike took us to the Student Union to get our buckeye ID,then we walked through the Oval,met Susy and Bill in the Arps Hall and had an very interesting class. I also remember the day to visit the Wexner center of art and the great gym.I love the architectures ,bucheye trees and every nice scenery here,I'll bear them all in my heart.Besides, I'm very grateful to meet so many friendly,kind-hearted people here,you really help us a lot.You help us communicate with other people ,improve our English as well as understand the American culture. You're not only our teachers but also our friends. We have a lot of fun together.Those happy days in my mind will last forever as well as our friendship do.
Many thanks to you all,and I wish good luck to our trip to New York .Everybody has fun and enjoys life everyday!

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