Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It’an amazing trip~~

At first,I have to say again that I love here so much,and thank Mike、Pete and Hans for making me feel that I am in a big warm family and a Buckeye here.Almost everything is interesting and fresh to me here,I have much to talk about,what'more,I harvest much that will be kept in my memory forever.


Now I want tell some feelings about the Columbus Zoo trip last Saturday.

The zoo provides visitors wonderful service and it has an interactive relationship with visitors.Although the time and the weather when we visited it made almost animals sleep,I still felt that the zoo was lively and the people around us were very happy.

We saw some reef among many different kinds of beautiful fish in the Africa section of the zoo, I could hardly believe that they were real at my first sight because they were too pretty.However,it seems that the beauty is going to be unreal in fact.Reef is becoming extinct for the reason that we human beings are polluting its habitat.The seawater is getting dirtier day by day,and human beings are using much sources of energy which make a mass of carbon dioxide,all we've done does much harm to reef's life.In addition,we also kill reef to make some productions such as necklaces.The behavior is terrible!

I think that all animals' lives including human beings' are relative,so the things we do to make our lives better sometimes are bad to some other creatures.The relationship among the whole biosphere should be paid more attention to,and we should,no,we have to keep harmony with the nuture so that we can have a bright future.


lucia said...

thanks, lynn. you've done a lot of contributions to this blog.(esp.comments)keep going.

mikelohre said...

Lynn, you are indeed doing a great job on the blog, and I'm so glad you feel like we are becoming like a family here. We are a "pack" just like in nature and we have to look out for one another and help each other Catch the Moment. Thanks for posting Lynn!