Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So Let's "Giving Power"

I am still wondering whether it is a dream that we really come to such a fantasy and marvelous campus. Since we stepped on the continent,everything has become different and amazing. First of all, I wanna appreciate my three great and nice friends, Mike, Peter and Hans. Thanks to them, we can enjoy our travel well. I love them.

Also, what has most shocked me since we came to US is the pasta in sbarro, which is called the No.1 Italian fast food shop. Totally, I think only the phrase "giving power" can describe pasta. And I told Mike and Peter what "giving power" is yesterday. Actually, "giving power" is a chinese word, gei li. I said "giving power" has the same meaning as awesome. It is not exactly correct. I think it also means awful or terrible in certain situations. In this case, the pasta is very "GIVING POWER"!!!

When we first came to OSU, we just had listen to a welcome speech. It is great. I think the body language stands for OHIO is awesome, or "giving power". And I have a new friend because of the speech. She is Di Fu, a lovely, clever, broad-minded and outspoken girl. After the speech, we had a talk. It is very delighting I found that we come from the same city, Shenzhen. And we also have several common friends. And she told us a lot of interesting things in OSU. Yes, she is cool, and very "giving power".

I always feel fortunately that I can come to OSU and make friends with so many humorous and admirable people. It is fantasy. I expect much more "giving power" will come~


Lynn said...

and I think this is a giving power passage~~

lucia said...

I think that all of you are so "giving power". Hope you will find more things that you like and enjoy!!!

Robert said...

You have been so 'giving power' after you write this passage and I think nobody can be more 'giving power' than you. By the way, good pictures!!

George said...


Queena said...

Oh,pasta,I tried it at lunch,and I found it was really terrible!!

mikelohre said...

Shenzhen! Great to learn more about you Vicas! And the pictures are wonderful. I especially love the Brutus Buckeye one: it's a classic.