Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What a great time in Ohio!

I feel so lucky this year, that everyone has had such a nice experience here in Ohio. Like Emily, I feel a little sad to leave Ohio with the group, but more than that I'm just very thankful to have met everyone and spent this wonderful time here. Let's have great spirit for tonight and hope everyone has a great last day in Ohio. GO BUCKS!!!

O-H!!! . . . .. .

Can I get an I-O!!!!!???


Lynn said...

Let me give you an "I--O"!

Beth(wang qing) said...

I am sure I will miss OSU and Columbus, or to be more specificly, I have already been missing OSU now. Here are so many nice people, clean and nice environment and great facilities.
Hopefully one day, I have the chance to come here again.

Vicas said...


Karin said...

Mike! A band in your backyard! Excellent! What a great group of kids!