Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life in America

we have been in America for several days.This is the first time I have been abroad so although I was very tired I was still too excited to sleep the first day we arrived here.

On July 15th we got to Columbus by US Airline.It was really a shock for me that the first time I saw Mike.Well,I want to call him Big Mike because he is so tall and so strong!He looks like a giant!Then I saw Pete,a really handsome man who looks like a film star.This is the first impression he left on me.During the following days,I found that both of them are so gentle and considerable.For example,Pete always open the door of the car for us wherever we go,and he tried his best to explain everything we want to know as clearly as possible with lots of patience.And another thing that deeply moved me was that the first night we live in the Archer House we found there was something wrong with the Wi-fi,so we need some cables to connect to the Internet.Lucia told it to Mike and he immediately send five cables to our domitory!I'm quite sure that after a full day activity he must be very tired but he still did this for us!I really thank God for taking them to us and I really like them so much.

As for the weather,I have to say that the sunshine in Columbus is really strong.Never did I saw that before.It is not as hot as Wuhan,but it is much hot than my hometown.But the scenery is as beautiful as a painting,and the the style of the houses is just what I had dreamt for thousands of times before.In order not to be sunburnt,we use sun cream and sun umbrella everyday,I think it must be strang to Americans.

During these days we have had different kinds of activities such as BBQ and visit to museums.I learnt to play volleyball and it's interesting.I like it very much.

Oh,we also did a lot of embressing things in these days,especially Rachel and me.I have recorded all these things in my diaty book and when we come back to China I think it will be anther cherish memory.So whenever someone does something like us,don't forget to tell me and I will write them down.

After the happy days we spent together I believe that our life in America will be exciting and colorful,or just use a Chinese words,it will give force!


Kelly said...

I agree with you!Mike is the most friendly and considerable teacher I have ever met.And Pete is easy-going and charming. They all help me take it easy and enjoy myself.

Vicas said...

I think it may be called "giving power". Our life in America will be full of "giving power".Let's enjoy it~

lucia said...

it is very good to keep diaris when you travel, cos when you read again, all the beautiful memories will come back to your eyes.catch the moment and keep it in your mind.