Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Art in My Eyes

When the topic refer to art, I have strong feelings to express. I find art has already become a important part of life at the time I look back the road I have gone through.
My mother is a professional lute(琵琶) player. She was chosen to the art school at the age of then. Even thought she didn’t take it as her occupation, she is enthusiastic to music. So I was forced to take many art classes like dancing and playing piano since I was three years old. My feeling to art is complex and changeable. Once upon a time, I hate dance. I thought dancing classes was painful and boring. But my mom insisted the typical Chinese way to educate, so I kept learning dancing reluctantly until I began to win some dancing competitions and eventually was admitted to CODDC(china opera dance-drama centre). As the time gone by, I find I gain great confident from dancing and I don’t hate it any more. On the contrary, I begin to appreciate I have this experience now. In fact learning dancing teach me many things which can influent my whole life. The first important thing is I know how to face failures. I understand only through sadness and sorrows could a man be strong enough to face all ills of life. When face with difficulties, just have another try, we will succeed by perseverance.
I must to say I love art especially the Chinese cultural art. In my eyes Chinese culture art is amazing. It is also a symbol of Chinese spirit. For example the fantastic Chinese traditional instrument, they are so different from those in western countries. Like the lute, which just has four strings, but we can use it to play splendid songs. In addition, urbeen(二胡) is also just a two-stringed bowed instrument, but I think everyone who listen to the song like Fishermen’s song at Eventide(二泉映月) will be deeply moved. I think all of these instruments are magical, they reflect the intelligence of Chinese people.

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lucia said...

Rachel, as time goes by, I find more and more sparklings of your personality. In Akim's class, you showed a caring Rachel to all of us, and your talent in painting was also exhibited. I like the work your group did to display how the whole country reacted to the earthquake on May l2 in China. It gave a comprehensive picture of what was happening in China when the disaster came. Thank you, Rachel, good job.