Tuesday, July 20, 2010

One Day in the Zoo

On July 17th we went to the Columbus Zoo.I was so excited because I saw lots of animals the first time,especially the koala bear,which is my favourite animal!

Well,maybe I should write from the beginning of our trip.The first animal I saw in the zoo was polar bears.It really surprised me because in my opinion,polar bears live in quite cold environment,but in the zoo,they just laid in the sunshine.Then Mike told me that although the temperature in Columbus was high,the water was very cold so they can stay in water.I also saw the workers in the zoo put some ice in the water so that the polar bears can play with it.As global warmig becomes more and more serious,the ice melted and as a result the area of the animals' habitats is decreasing quickly.Some kind of animals is in danger of extinctin now.In order to protect these animals and keep the balance of nature,I think we must decrease the production of carbon dioxide as much as possible.

What really excited me was the koala bears.They were so lovely.I still remember that when we saw them in the afternoon,one of the koalar bears was sleeping.The feeder had to wake it up and let it climb down from the tree slowly.The koala bear seemed very reluctant to leave the tree,so it crisped the tree tightly.It's fortunate that the feeder had a lot of patience and finally she succeeded in taking it back.Besides koala bears,we also saw kangoos in Austrilia pavilian and grillars in Africa pavilian.They all made deep impression on me.

At the end of the trip I was exhausted,but I must say it's really a fantastic day!


mikelohre said...

Queena: I will never forget seeing the polar bears with you, and how giddy you were when we went downstairs and saw the polar bears above us. Your smile was fantastic and Keira and you looked so great there! Thanks for posting your thoughts and memories.

lucia said...

Yes, I cann't forget you guided us to see the kaola bears. Thanks for your guide so I was lucky enough to observe the woman helping the kaola coming down from the tree. I cannot never forget that!!!!!