Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Farewell to Ohio

28th, Aug,2010, which is our last day in Ohio State, is so memorable to all of us. Tonight, there will be a farewell party awaits us. But now, everyone is busy meeting the professors, they are in every corner of the campus, eagerly to seek the future opportunities. This reminds me we're from different parts of Wuhan University, we have our own life style, our own considerations, our own friends. The trip to go to America brings us together. It's really hard to forget the days we are together, how sad we'll be when we can't go back to the days we are all here.
This trip is very much like our university life. We live happily in our first 3 years together, and the fourth year comes, we are preparing our graduate life in various ways, just like the afternoon right now, we are seperated into different small groups. And tonight, is our graduation farewell party, after that ,we'll have a graduation trip, and then, we will graduate.
But I will always remember you all, and I will also watching your real graduation in Wuhan, as I'm a freshman, it's my fate to see all of my friends here going out of school earlier than me. At that time, Kelly, George and me will miss all of you so much. But my dear friends, graduation is a whole starting point, for most of you, we will meet again in America, may be in OSU here.
But tonight, let's just enjoy the party freely.

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