Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I’m so excited that my American dream can come true in this summer. When landed on this amazing area, everything looks fresh to me so I keep looking and feeling all the time in spite of the long boring flying I had just experienced.
I want to say many things in America impress me deeply such as the beautiful scenery in the country, the unique architectures on the sides of the road. In Truth, America inherited a vast land of endless skies, rich fields, and open prairies. Compared with China, less population allow people here to enjore more resourses. The things I love most here is the lifestyle the Americans have. Most of them know how to live their real life, that is to be more casual and more relax. I love this state of mind, it is important to one’s happiness. When faced with difficulties, just keep smiling and say “it’s OK”, we will soon go out of blue and gain a colorful tomorrow.
To this, I want to say more about two fine points which attach my attention. The first thing is the way Americans treat disabled people. I find that they build and improve physical facilities to care about disabled people’s life almost everywhere. The details show the disabled here are guaranteed the right to play a fair role in social life and share the fruit of the county’s economic. The second thing is American sout out the garbage when they throw it. The garbage is separated depend on whether it can be recycle or not. I think it is a good way to protect our resourses of ecology. We Chinese should take the things like that as an example and improve ourselves.


Queena said...

It also impressed me that the way America treat disabled people and I think we should learn from America people in this aspect.

Kelly said...

I appreciate the words "It's OK",which I find useful when I'm in blue mood.

Leon said...

Souting out the garbage in China is not common.It's what we should learn from America to protect our world.

Lynn said...

I'm just passing through to see your picture ~O(∩_∩)O~

lucia said...

Hi, Rachel. You have so many fans, including me. Glad that you've made those observations-garbage sorting and conveniences for the disabled. In my mind,fairness is very important in the U.S.
Rachel, you are actually doing better and better in everything. Hope you enjoy your time here.