Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some things I wrote many days ago

Today is July the 16th. And we have been in the United States for about 2 days already. Bob have told us that we would meet the Big Mike. So in my imagination, Mike is just a verytall and fat man. But when we arrived at the airport in Columbus, I saw the real Mike, and only to find that he is a tall man and just a little robust. At the same time, Mike brought awonderful present for us,Pete and Hans.

Then I should talk something about Pete. In myeyes, Pete is a charming man for his friendly treating to me and his encouraging words to help me express myself confidently. And now I have got the enthusiasm to speak out.

The other one is Hans Li, who is really a pretty boy that he always asks us"Do you get a goodsleep?", and he makes me feel very comfortable. So I need to say "Thank you!" to them. Thank you for your good guiding! Thank you for your wonderful and detailed schedule.

And then I should add to write something about Ming Fang,who is not only a teacher for us, but also a friend or a sister for us.

Really thank you!


Lynn said...

Sofa~~How lucky we are to have these great teachers or friends in our team~~

Vicas said...


lucia said...

Cann't agree with you more!!!