Monday, July 19, 2010

Boy--that was fun

It was great to have you all over to Jim's house tonight. We would've done it at my house, but Jim's is so much bigger and cooler than mine. Plus, Jim's family is a big one, so he has enough chairs and forks for everyone. For years, I've told Jim about how excellent and fun my Chinese students are. Tonight I told him that since he's never come to China with me, I decided to bring a little China to him. Thank you all for being such gracious and charming guests. While we were cleaning up, Jim kept talking about how much fun he had with you.

One thing I want to commend all of you on is the way that you're taking advantage of your opportunities here in the U.S. I have seen it in the little things, like the way you ate the corn tonight (many Americans think corn cooked that way is strange) and in the way most of you learned to play Squeak. I have seen it in the bigger things, too--like the way you're getting more confident in talking with Mike, Hans and I in English, and the way you spoke up about what you really thought during class this morning. If you asked me, that's why we're here--to seize our opportunities, to try new things, to take calculated risks. If we always did the same things the same way, life wouldn't be very interesting. I hope you can all keep it up--we have been offered a tremendous opportunity here this summer, and we need to keep taking advantage of it.

OK--I need to go to bed--I have to teach about art tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to it. It's a great opportunity for all of us.


Lynn said...

I appreciate your teaching very much ~
How lucky I am to be not only your student but also your friend here !

George said...

Buddy, I love your teaching style, and I wonder if I can get this education when I were younger how knowlegable I could be.
I am the guy who speak thoughtlessly and like protect everything I said until I find truth and trust it. That day at class, I didn't really got your meaning and said a little bit strange idea, then I knew it, and I began to protect my idea. I know it may not be a good habit, I get used to it. But I think I should change it and never speak thoughtlessly again.

Kelly said...

Every time you say the word "interesting",I have fun in appreciating the beautiful pronunciation.And I guess that's an art.

sophy said...

jim is so nice, because he is always smiling and playing cards like young people.

Pete's classes are wonderful and i learn much about art and environment from them.

lucia said...

thanks for the dinner at Jim's house, i love his house---interior decorations(smooth texture of marble walls, different shapes of hanging lights in every different room, cozy couch with soft mats by the window),the plants in the pot hanging down from the porch, the candle? burning in the tiny basket at back garden...all these things remind me how much i'd love to have a house like this.

i also love your treatment,greetings from the front,like sunshine of late afternoon in summer;teaching us how to play squeak;"interesting" response to students' questions...i always love your way of speaking to my Chinese students.
thanks again for Jim's hospitality and your consideration.

oh.thanks for the blankets, too!!!