Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catch the moment!

I am extremely happy for playing and studying with Mike, Pete, Hans and other students these days, we barbequed, played wiffleball, enjoyed pasta, went to the zoo, museum and wetland, exercise in the gym…those activities were quite interesting and made a lot of fun for me.
I can still remember the first time we met Mike, Pete and Hans cause someone made a big joke that we couldn’t forget it in our whole life. Otherwise, you three guys are quite large and friendly that I love to work with: Mike is a responsible, gentle and kind man, he is our leader and makes the plans that I like so much. Pete likes making jokes, and he is funny and always has a charming smile. Hans is an ABC, he can speak Changsha dialect and he is the one we can turn to when we get in trouble, so that we always say, follow Hans, we'll have meat to eat!
Last night we played American card game and after that we played Chinese card game until about 1. It’s not good playing so late, and I know I have a big stomach to card game, it isn’t good but I’ll try to get rid of its allurement.
We have great teachers, beautiful campus, friendly buddies, I love this land and I would be happy to come here again, again and again!
Catch the moment buddy, you’re young, you’re good looking, you got plenty of money, and you can do whatever you want to do. But if you do nothing, even you’re exhausted, extremely tired that you never try anything, then you won’t have another time to try it and you’ll miss all you lost.


Kelly said...

I hope that when you are 80 years old,I can still hear that you are always saying "I'm young,I'm good looking,I have plenty of money,and I can do whatever I want."Good luck to you.
In addition,what do you think about pasta?Please don't tell me "Giving power".

George said...

Actually, only the phrase "giving power" can describe pasta, I'm sorry ~ ~

Leon said...

I think we should try the pasta in sbarro again.It's fantasy!

Robert said...

I'm also very fond of Peter's words: " we are young,we are good looking, we have plenty of money,and we can do whatever we want." I think everyone needs to be optimistic about life no matter how rich we are and how old we are.

Vincent said...

It seems like that you guys mixed up with the whole "XXX are young, XXX are good looking, XXX have plenty of money, and XXX can do whatever XXX want" things. And I mixed up with the whole computer problem. Bless you~

Vicas said...

The pasta is great "giving power". So let's enjoy it again~

mikelohre said...

You guys are funny! I still don't get the whole "giving power" thing but maybe I will get it by trip's end!

Keep eating pasta?!

lucia said...

Let me quote:

1. Your problem just became your stepping stone. Catch the moment.

2. Your heart will always make itself known throught your words.

3. It takes a lot of time to achieve instant success.

These are the sayings I picked up from my lucky numbers in Chinese restaurant. Mike said we may use "Catch the moment!" as the slogan for 2010 WTO Summer Program. I think it cool!!!!!

Where are your guys' lucky numbers? Just keep them! And I promise you will find them helpful when you try to explain to your friends!!!!