Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the first day I arrived at Columbus my mood

"wow, I'm in American university! I can't believe it!", I think they are the most suitable words to describe my excited mood when we arrived in The Ohio State University.
Yes , that's right. It's crazy for me. Before I participated in this Summer Program, I never imagined that there is one day in the future I can go to the America and go through the other kind of culture which is different from Chinese. But now, maybe I have to remind myself one more times :"yes ,it's true,I am here now."
When the Mike leading us go to the Student Union, I have a chance to calm down and observe the campus. Not only the different people and the different language, but also the style of the architectures,the beautiful landscapes and every other things in the campus can attract my attention. I'm a curious girl, and I like the new things, such as the knowledge ,the culture, the guys, the foods and so on.Therefore, I just told my friends "I like X X X"frequently because I was too excited to forget talking about some other things.
I like the life ,buildings ,scenerys here.Meanwhile, maybe the most important point is I am lucky to meet these nice people.They are Mike,Pete,Hans,Mrs fang and all my schoolmates and teachers.


Bill Holschuh said...

Linda, your enthusiasm is contagious. You are indeed a curious girl. I'm so glad that you're "drinking in" everything new that you see.

mikelohre said...

Your enthusiasm is "giving power" to us, Linda!