Monday, July 26, 2010

I love wiffle ball!

It's a huge fun playing wiffle ball, I love it because it's for pastime and it can help me let off steam.
This afternoon, we were separated into two teams, I was in the same team with Pete and fought against Mike's team. At first, we lost at 4-12, but after that, we played better and better. Finally, we turned failure to success in the last inning by teamwork.
I don't have much time to wright cause I need to have a rest... Hope Clippers win tonight!


Beth(wang qing) said...

well,it is a shame that we did not take any pictures while playing it.

Lynn said...

Yeah,I have tried to make the video,but I couldn't find a place to put my DV.What a pity.

mikelohre said...

We can try to play wiffleball in Central Park in NYC, and we'll bring our cameras next time, okay?! Catch the Moment!