Tuesday, July 20, 2010

fantastic zoo, amazing trip!

At first, I want to say thank you for Mike,Pete and Hans.You are so nice and friendly.

We have been America for about one week. I must say I love here.The U.S is a amazing country,the beautiful scenery(especial the compus), the friendly people,and the fantastic Clombus Zoo impressed me deeply,I will never forget.

Now, I want to talk something what I think about the tour to the Clombus Zoo.It's a zoo that very big and beautiful.So many animals in there,some
(a liittle bit nervous..)
animals I have never seen in china,such as polarbeer,penguin,flamingo bird... Thay are so cute.

But we all know the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica.Maybe you think Antarctica is so far away from your hometown,however,Antarctica is the hometown for penguin,penguins are in danger now! It's all because of human that why this situation come.

With the rapidly ecnomic development, human use too many natural resources.We polluted the environment seriously and bring a lot negetive effects to the nature.Many animals are in the edge of extinction.

So, I think it's time for human to do something about the pollution.It' s our duty to keep our environment clean and tidy.You might ask yourself,"have I picked some rubbish and thrown it into a dustbin?Have I ever collected waste paper or bottles for recycling?Have I ever planted any trees or flowers in or near my neighbourhood?" ----If everyone makes a contribution to protecting the environment,the world will become much more beautiful.More lovely animals would survive.We should know that the earth not belong to human,it's belong to all creatures living here.


Kelly said...

That would be quite nice for you to collect waste paper and make them into a wonderful painting like what we have seen in the Wexner Center for the Arts this morning.

Rachel said...

haha,I took this photo!