Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Class Visit

Today is a big day for me, for which I observed a class in the Hagerty Hall. It was really an unforgetable experience to see so many non-Chinese learning Japanese.
Actually at first, sweet Sussie took us three to Professor Noda's office, and we had a nice talk with Professor Mari Noda, who is really a nice and elegant woman,mainly about the graduate programe here in Ohio State. We can tell she's really the person that has a natural enthusiastic for language, for life. Language people always have an appealling to people that they're full of hope for the world. And they are always friendly and nice to the others,willing to offer help at any time. That's also an vital reason that I like languages, you are supposed to find the connections between humans, you are supposed to be optimistic to your future.
This afternoon, there are 2 teachers' training classes for graduate students, one for Chinese and the other for Japanese. So I stayed in the Japanese classroom. Actually I didn't understand many of the Mrs.Noda's introduction about me. So I just kept smilling and said hello to all of the students.
The class went on by one graduate student to be a teacher, while all of the students sitting be students. Role play is the dominant way to keep the class going. Actually their levels are much highter than me although I can understant most of what they are talking about.
And after about 30 minutes, Mrs.Noda and the real teacher in the classroom gave some suggestions and dicussed the "teacher"'s performance with students.I truely think it's an awesome class.


mikelohre said...

So glad you got to visit a class Melissa! And nice red t shirts to go in style. I'm glad you had a great experience there.

lucia said...

Melissa,good job. Hope you can find what you are really interested in.