Monday, July 26, 2010

It's a crazy day!

I can't wait to write these words down,and what has happened just now must be one of the greatest memories that will be kept in my heart forever~
This morning Pete taught us the basic rules in baseball games and we also discussed something about sports.Then we had a wonderful party in Mike's house.Thank our new friends who provided sweet songs for us,I feel sorry that I can't remember their names,and thank Claudine for making us delicious cakes,of cause we should thank Mike for inviting us~O(∩_∩)O~
The next thing is the point.We played wiffle ball after the meal on a open grassland.That was really a crazy game!We were divided into two teams,and I was in Pete's team.We fell far behind at first,the score was even 4 to 16.Then we started to catch up.When we were behind Mike's team by 2 or 3 points just before the game finished,I can't tell the score correctly,I thought we must fail.Then things changed quickly.Pete,our hero,made a great hit,and all the players ran home,which contributed us to the final success.We got all players home!Wow~things happened too fast that I couldn't even make it clear when Pete knocked down me!We crashed into the protective screening together!It was cool!
I have to say that it was a terrible accident(joking),BUT,it was really funny!And we won!
So everything is possible,and it tells us that we should never give up before it is over.
I am really fine and happy,and I LOVE wiffle ball and PETE~(*^__^*) ~


mikelohre said...

Lynn, Pete told me the story tonight and we laughed a lot and were so glad you were not hurt. You are what we call a "gamer" and that means you have a strong passion to play and don't mind taking a few lumps to do it. Nice post!

Lynn said...

Thanks Mike,actually I was protected by Pete,and I regard him as my superman now~~~Wow,I love wiffle ball!