Wednesday, July 28, 2010

O-H-I-O family forever~

I think everyone in our big family gets a little sentimentality today,because our last day here in the OSU is coming inevitably.

I'm sitting by the window and recollecting the days we spent here:We had a BBQ,We had a party at Jim's house and another party at Mike's house,We played wiffle ball and watched a baseball game,We visited a few museums,We saw polar bears in the big zoo,We ate delicious pasta and much great food that we have not eaten before,We also had many interesting classes with different kind professors,We created new jokes and common sayings,and......

Oh,too many memories!

I love the buildings here,people here,a pleasant sensation here.

Because I can't take the wonderful campus back to China with me,can I take Mike or Pete instead?Or Hans?

I'll enjoy the farewell party tonight,the same to all of you,let's leave happiness to new friends we meet here,and best wishes to them~~~


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lucia said...

What a wild, but sweet idea!!! to take Mike, Pete or Hans back home!!!haha!