Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well,today is a wonderful day,I have been America for about 5 or 6 days.I was enjoying the Pete's class just a moument ago,and now I'm sitting front my computer to consider what impressed me most.
It's just some feelings that I want to share with everybody.First I have to say OSU is a such beautiful place like a dream land,and many things here make me excited.I've never known that how lively and Passionate American guys can be!All of them like a younger no matter how old they are.Mike and Pete are wonderful men,they take much care of our life in USA.They are so kind,they made everything convenient and nice for us,I cannot express how appreciated I feel.
Now I feel myself one of the buckeyes,because everything here is so freindly,and I got a BUCK ID with my photo and signature.It's one of the most amazing things to me.When I took the ID from Mike,I thought there're must be more fantastic expierence is waiting for me,I was so expected.
Actually,we did many intersts in these days.We got many interesting classes and met a lot of new friends.We went to the zoo,visit the history museum and did exercise in stadium,and so on.Oh,yes!Especially last night,we had a supper in Jim's House,He cooked BBQ for us and we played poker.It was sooooooo 语法标注解释intense,we all enjoyed the game.
Well,it's time to have lunch,and Mike is waiting for us downstairs,so I have to go.But I will post my photos about what I want to share on blog tomrrow,so see you~~~

Now I'm back~Today we wnt to the city hall and the state house.These pictures are so interesting that I like it very much~~


mikelohre said...

Doris! These photos made me laugh out loud! You are very kind and thanks for posting.

lucia said...

Hi, Doris!You are a fun girl.
And I agree with you about the buck ID, it gives me sort of feeling and identity that I am really proud of. How I wish I could be younger!!!!!Then I really will become a buckeye!!!