Thursday, July 22, 2010

the Dragon

I have watched a movie before this trip, that is , the Dragon. It pictures that the battle between the Viking people and flying dragons caused by the scarce knowledge of each other, ends by the hero, in this case, the son of the Viking leader, a brave boy, in breaking the wall of the sterotypes and making friends with the former enemies. The vicious circle of killing comes to an end.

This film reminds me of the time when the media of both China and America depicted each other as injustice ,whose people suffered a lot. Those were also sterotypes.

On the psychological level, sterotypes are out of the self-defence caused by fear ,which means people may feel relieved when ignore the inner differences of a foreign group and only build a hypothesis that all the people of that group are the same. This kind of attitude is, however, harmless, on the condition that you would stick firmly to your limited surroundings. If not, there may come severe problems.Just as Franklin D. Roosevelt has put it ,all we have to Fear is Fear Itself. Fear, I think, is nothing but a kind of human nature. But nature does not unconditionally means correct. Sterotypes block communication and interaction, keeping people from knowing each other to the further degree.

In the film, both races are better off by talking and cooperating instead of attacking and killing. As far as the Sino-US relationship is concerned, it is high time we encourage wider, deeper level of communications both among the people and the govenments, which will definitely earse, or at least, reduce the sterotypes that have lasted for years. If that is the case, we will both be better off.

We can be friends.
We should be friends.
We are friends.

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mikelohre said...

Nice little poem at the end, Luke. Simple and true.