Monday, July 26, 2010

Okay, time always goes on. But memory stays there.

It seems like that our time stay in the OSU is running out. Well, I have to admit that I didn't blog enough, just reach the bottom line. However, it exactly happen 'cause I am too enjoyable to record the life here, it's amazing, you will never know what is like if you do not come to here and the blog cannot tell a whole picture about the Ohio State University, the camps, the view, the zoo, the museum, the people, the food, the dorm, the air, the sprite, the baseball, the class, which are all fabulous, unforgettable, nice and cozy...

Well, almost everyone in our group is grew up in urban place of China, but I really think as a city to live in, Columbus is the very place I like a lot, fresh air, green cover, large farm, smooth road make me forget that iron city. However, as a Chinese student, what I should do is to bring some ideas about how to build up a society similarly back to my hometown, no matter how long it will pass on, my idea of city picture will stand at the view of Columbus.

Love Columbus, thank you, guys, sincerely.


mikelohre said...

Vincent, it's so nice to see you write so glowingly about Columbus. I love it too, and it might be "flyover" country to "big" city people, but it's the right city for me and has been for many years. Glad you are feeling welcome here!

Vincent said...

Thank you, Mike. And hopefully it's very nice that we will still accompanied by you for one more week, my friend.