Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Never Say Goodbye

There are many moments to remember during last two weeks, I will cherish these memories all my life.
Yesterday, Pete took us to do rock climbing. I never do rock climbing before. so I feel a little nervous about this dangerous game. But when I began to climb, I found it is not as difficult as I thought , I climbed very fast and I reached the top easily. Pete said to me loudly“hey Rachel, you like a monkey!”,I felt so happy. I really enjoy rock climbing which is challenging and exciting. I think this is a sport for me.
The day before yesterday, we went to Mike’s house which is amazing and full of fantastic. I can’t believe Mike built this building just by himself. Then we watched a baseball game. I love baseball game. But I only can play waffle ball, I like the feeling that be a batter. I think baseball is a great sport, it is also a symbol of American culture. We can know the way Americans live through this sport.
I love OSU, in this beautiful area, I own great memory which I will keep in my heart for a life-long time. I love every teacher who come down with us these days, at the same time, I hold the belief that the friends we make here are also my most precious possession. I wish we can gether together forever—never say goodbye!

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lucia said...

O-H, Rachel, you climbed that high? I can believe it! I-O!!!