Monday, July 19, 2010

When Teledram Shines in Reality

Before I came to USA, I have made about 1,100mins subtitles for American teledrama in China, so, I have got a whole picture about United States in my mind, everything is familiar to me here, but maybe a little bit different for my schoolmates. I am lucky 'cause it is kind of like come across some old friends I have known before, so sweet. What I want to say about my feeling is that I like who am I when I am here in OSU.

Well, Oh my god! My labtop has been hacked! And the words above is what I have done a few days before. It seems like it will be a liitle bit inconvenient for me to unpdate my blog until I got it fixed. God bless me.


Lynn said...

And good luck with your computer~O(∩_∩)O~

lucia said...

Even though your own computer can't get access to the internet now, I think you'd better write down your ideas and make them posted with some others'. I hope you can make your computer work soon.