Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the second day having the frist class in America

Today, we attended Mike's class, and discussed about two stories with American students. It is the frist class we have in America.
During the class, both of us were divided into many groups, and discussed the questions on paper.In our group, there is mellisa, a fat guy(I don't remember his name.So I decide to call him'the guy'.) and I. In fact, I couldn't catch the guy's speed when he speak English, and at the same time, his voice is too small.Therefore, I can't catch many details about what he said. There were so many times that I want to remind him to slow down his speed, however, it seems that he likes to have a speech or publish his views(I guess, because he just kept speaking and seldom to have a breathe.), so I decided to give up the thought to let him slow down his speed and give him a good chance too make a speech to us ,the foreigners, even though I don't understand what he wanted to talk about.(I feel a little cold when I read this place, maybe , I tell a cold joke.)
I prefer the Mike's way to educate students to the way which is often used in China. Everyone can have different view. There is no absolute the correct or the incorrect answer.They just the different points after we thought about the questions. In fact, I asked Hans a question before. It seems that whether the American teacher tells their students the optimal answer to the question when the students hold the thoughts which may lead them to the wrong logic or the wrong theory. And the Hans' answer is 'No, they encourage their students have different view '.
Therefore, I have a question here: is the way to which the American teachers choose optimal?
I think, our human society has built up a set of system to keep itself balance. No thinking is allowed to break the balance. However, everyone can have the different logic, therefore, everyone may have the different opinion. Thus, it has the possibility that someone's thinking is harmful to the balance. When someone keeps some extreme thinking, he or she could become the troublous source of the society.From this point of view, this educational way exists some problem.
It is sure that we can apply some useful means to prevent this situation, such as the religion.It is useful, but not the best one. Is there a method can solve this problem completely?

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mikelohre said...

Linda: thanks for sharing your story about class, and I think in literature we see different interpretations being plausible based on the evidence in the text, but we also believe, and I will usually say what I think is the MOST correct or believable interpretation.

Teaching requires many methods and not just one, to be most effective? I don't think it has to be one or another totally. Students should be allowed to give different theories and ideas, but teachers also owe it to students to question, affirm, or debate those ideas. Then a more complete picture can be created on whatever the subject is. Both teachers and students must strive to do their best with an idea? I think so.