Monday, July 19, 2010

climate change——a serious problem

Before the essay, I would like to say something about myself. I spent a lot of time in my childhood playing in the yard nearby. And there were many games we played were with the grass, insects, little kitties, dogs, chickens or even some little birds falling out of their nests. And when I grew up a little, I read a series of books called Hal and Roger Hunt. Those books gave me tremendous ideas and different knowledge about the nature. Such as the fact that cheetah used to be pet of the Egyptian, or the difference between African and Asian elephant. I guess that is one of the most important reasons why the nature fascinates me so much. And as a result, I care quite a lot about the nature and write the following essay.

climate change
After the Copenhagen Climate conference, an increasing number of people pay attention to the green house gas emission and the climate change.

According to my own feeling, the climate seems to keep stable and it was even colder in winter in Wuhan recently. So, what I feel conflicts with the reports from scientists and researchers’. But considering the fact that those scientific reports based on a wider range of data and longer series of time, I believe what scientists tell us——the climate of our planet is warmer.

Climate change leads to many significant results. First one is that iceberg and glacier in both Arctic and Antarctic areas will melt and the sea level will rise. This will lead to lose of the habitat for both human beings and animals that used to live there. If the sea level keeps rising, some islands will disappear one day. It will cause not only problems in eco-system, but also some serious international political affairs dealing with those people who lose their country land.

The second one would be that the rising temperature will destroy some delicate niches for some creatures. And more species will become endangered or even extinguished after that. As what we learned today in the wetland, there are so many species of animals, plants and insects living in the wetland. And the slight change of temperature will leads to significant change in the eco-system.

And the third one is quite a novel way of considering this temperature problem. There are many viruses and bacteria frozen in the glacier. Once the glacier melt, those ancient viruses that we have no immunity to will be extremely dangerous. From this perspective, even those who do not care much about the nature should think about the vital result of climate change.

According to the reasons discussed above, even climate change may be not that obvious to us, we would better attach more importance to it. Maybe what we can do is slight, but slight change is better than not. So turn off the AC or light when you do not need it, ride a bike rather than drive (if possible) or print on both sides of a piece of paper. All these actions seem to be negligible, but if we all keep that in mind, I am sure that we can limit our own carbon footprint and make a big difference in the long run.


lucia said...

hi,as we don't like what the hot temperature brings to us, we are trying to improve our condition by air-conditioners.i think for the animals, what we can do is to "limit our own carbon footprint and make a difference".
ps.i like your way in delivery of English speech.keep going.

mikelohre said...

Beth, it makes me so hopeful to read this because you truly seem to have educated yourself and care about the future. So many people in the world choose to ignore warnings that are telling us we are in trouble. They do this because the changes to be made are difficult. Al Gore in his documentary "An Inconvenient Truth," spoke about this issue. He says if we are going to ignore overwhelming science-based evidence, then we are going to pay a price for that. Let's not ignore the warnings that we get and the great thing is that humans can change bad habits, even if it's difficult to start this process. Thanks for writing!