Friday, July 23, 2010

Sad News. Goodbye, Mr. J. Michael Dunn, friend of the WTOSP

As all of you know, Mike Dunn, who is on our Board of Directors for the OCCE and the Wuhan To Ohio Summer Program, has been very sick this last month. Yesterday, we sent him flowers and you all signed a card to him. He got this card last night and was very grateful. His life was dedicated to making students happy and healthy here at Ohio State. On top of that, he was our friend and my good friend. I really regret tonight that I never got to have lunch with him and talk about the program for this year. We were scheduled to do this in late May, but I got too busy, then Mike became very ill, and we never rescheduled. This is an example of not catching the moment, and tonight I wish I had.

Mike died this morning about 11 a.m., while we were attending Dr. Hancock's session in CC230. I wish you all could have met him. If he had been feeling well, you all WOULD have met him and loved him. All students did, because he was so kind and happy all the time, and was a lot of fun to be with. He added so much life to the program last year and I'll never forget how proud he was to lead cheers, shout O-H and wait for the big I-O!, and to join us for lunches and the farewell party. He was always willing to go the extra mile for us, and many students over the last two years kept in touch with him over email. Mike also really had a heart for disabled students, and volunteered every year for the huge Special Olympics event on campus for handicapped children. He had a very soft heart.

God bless you, Mike, and thank you for all you have done over the last three years to make Ohio State a friendly, welcoming place for all students, and thank you for treating all our visitors from China like a cherished part of the OSU family. Thank you, Mike.

Though you never knew him, Mike Dunn was a positive and vital part of our summer program. Mike, you are already missed greatly, and we in the program remember you, respect you, and we will always miss you.


Lynn said...

I'm so sorry to hear that.
I'm grateful and I'll keep it in my mind forever.
I hope that God bless Mr.J.Michael Dunn.

Vincent said...

I am so sorry to hear that.
God bless Mr.J.Michael Dunn.

lucia said...

I am so sorry to hear that, too. I could sense how sad you were, Mike, when you told me the news in the afternoon.

Even though I never met Mike Dunn , I am very grateful for what he did for WTO summer program to Wuhan University students. His kindness and help will be remembered.

To my great relief,we sent him the card with our wishes from our university and our teachers and students.I hope he got the message that we really appreciate his care about our students and that he was resptected.

We will remember forever what he did for us and show our repect to him.

God bless you, Mike Dunn.

Jean said...

I'm sorry to hear this news. He was such a nice person and we all liked his great personality and his energy.May him rest in peace .

George said...

I am sorry to hear that...Wish god bless him, and thank all he have done for us!

Cindy said...

Although we haven't met him, I feel sorry for that such a great person passed away! May god bless him!