Sunday, July 25, 2010

a glimpse of a different art

Wexner Center for the Arts is an amazing place.It is said that "It has helped turn Columbus into a cultural destination"by New York Times.And in my opinion,that's true.Fortunately,Pete has led us to think about art from a new angle by teaching us about some art.As a result,we can think deeper by ourselves while visiting Wexner Center for the Arts.
Guided by a sweet girl,we saw Mark Bradford's works.At first sight,it seems to be so strange to me.Various colours,irregular shapes and bizarre materials,they made me feel puzzled.However,having got some explanation,I got to know the meanings of his works.A painting formed by plenty of cloth pieces conveys the confusion of modern society,because it looks like the unclear image of the computer screen when you work deep into the night,which is quite common.It turns out that Mark is creative and gifted.
I notice that there are so many differences between Chinese cultural art and American art.One of the significant differences is that Chinese art seems to be more general and public,while American art turns out to be more abstract and personal.For example, if two artists with two cultural backgrounds have experienced the same horrible hurricane,Chinese artist's works can be much more realism and understood easily by portraiting refugees.On contrary,American artist's works turn out to be more abstract by expressing his own feelings of the strong storm.And without further explanation, we can hardly understood thoroughly.

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