Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guys, don't pay attention about success, let's enjoy life!

Today, I just read a book about success. I think it gives me a deep impression that make me rethink about why we need success. Everyone wants to succeed, and no one wants to be a loser. But sometimes, we are traped by success that when we got our goals, we can't feel happy but feel sad that we'll have another goal instead of the old one.
To be honest, I was traped by it last year and felt terrible cause I learnt so many courses as Anthony Robins' Personal Power, Get the Edge, etc. These courses really can help one become more efficient, but aren't good to help people to get real success.
As time past, I find out that enjoy your own life is the best way to succeed and no dependence on PC games, alcohol (actually I never drink a lot), drug... We know so many stars suicided because they can't pursuit the happiness they want, and all of them have a lot of money that people think they can live a happy life.
It's my lesson that we should pay attention on our life no matter whether we got high praise from others or not. So guys, enjoy life, and learn to make the world a better place to live!


mikelohre said...

George, I think we all want to be successful but it's strange that ambition can be a trap. We have to enjoy the path to success too, or the end product is not worth it. I'm amazed that you tried some popular motivations like Tony Robbins and hope it gave you some good ideas, even if it was not the final answer!

George said...

Mike, You know, man always have ambition and always want to be somebody in life, it's same to me. By accident, I tried these motivations since I was in junior 3. At that time, it helped me a lot and I thought it was great.
But since I went to university, I found out that it didn't work when you want to learn many courses and much knowledge. The truth I discovered is that we cannot be too greedy for knowledge, greed is not always good. The reason is that if we are too greedy, and when we are interest in learning one thing or one course, and after a while, we'll switch our focus to another one. This is not good actually.
Tony always tell people to be confidence, be scheduled, be energetic, he does give us the idea that we need to understand why we have to do this job or this work, it's good. But as far as I concerned, sometimes people always try to find, not by heart, the reason why they have to do rather than using heart to understand the meaning of their job or work. And I think the most important thing is learning how to use heart to understand the meaning of why we have to do this or that.
I found a course named “Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do” by Sandel. I love this course cause I want to find out how to define the right thing to do and the wrong thing not to do. Sometimes I just like a philosophor who want to use philosophy to describe everything, analyse it and tell people what is real and what is truth, then lead them to do right thing.
To be honest, I want to know the world and human. And the reason why I choose physics as my major is because I want to know how and why the world became and how it will become. Maybe I can't find the answer, but I'd like to have a try.