Friday, July 23, 2010

The way our foreign friends use to learn Chinese is very helpful

Just now we have met three new foreign friends.They are learning Chinese.We had a nice talk about the ways to learn a foreign language.I think we can be good friends with them and learn much from them.
Communication is important to learning a foreign language,and we should create chances for ourselves to talk with foreigners,not just stay in our Chinese group and speak English with teammates using the words from textbooks.
So,to learn English well we still have much to do.
Program is going on,learning is going on,and good luck to everyone!


lucia said...

You are right, Lynn. I think the professor is right in telling us:you'd better take the advantage of this chance of being here,get involved in the American culture, not just stay with Chinese and talk in Chinese. Catch the moment and learn some English.

Beth(wang qing) said...

yes,we need to keep learning. New things are happening everyday, so let's catch the moment!

George said...

The simple way to learn a new language is memorizing new words and conversations, so catch every moment we have in osu.