Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You really are awesome students!

I've only had the chance to interact with you two times -- when you did the campus "information scavenger hunt" last Friday, and again yesterday, when you reported on the conversations you had with Americans for your survey task. But I can tell you, I was really impressed with you all. Your curiosity and intelligence are "gei li" (is that correct?), and your command of English is inspiring.

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Bill Holschuh


sophy said...

"gei li "is correct!!
i really appreciate the wonderful class you prepared for us. Instead of stuffing knowledge, you use discussions and survey to help us to excavate our interest and stimulate our potential, which is effective for us to be positive learners, rather than passive accepter. So, thanks a million~

Lynn said...

I like the teaching activities that you prepare for us.Thank you so much~O(∩_∩)O~
Bill,I like you because you look like the gentleman I saw in some books before,you are so amiable(*^__^*)

lucia said...

Hi, Bill. What I want to say is that the students really become more familiar with the campus after "Scavenger Hunt", it is such a good activity when the students came to OSU the first day. They all benifited. And the activity "Surveying Americans" gave them an opportunity to talk with Americans in English face to face!!! Isn't it such a wonderful thing,since they spoke English and did find out the information about the Americans. SO they solved problems in English! That is very important. Thank you, Bill and Susie.

P.S. Actually I wrote sort of comments like this, but I posted in a rush that it turned out to be a failure. Whoops, hope this time it will work.