Sunday, July 25, 2010

Become a friend of freedom

Yesterday we had a visit to the National Underground Railroad Freedom center in Cincinnati.The Chicago Tribune said "If you see only one museum in Cincinnati,this should be it".And in my point of view,this museum is the most meaningful and attractive one I have ever seen in Ohio.
Our tour guide was an enthusiastic and passionate man.His talk,or even lecture,was so attractive that our group was bigger and bigger.We caught a glimpse of the history of the African-American people.In the slave trade 2.8 million people couldn't
complete the journey from one continent to another.The children of slaves belonged to the slave owners rather than their parents.Family were separated now and then.We were all shocked by their miserable life.
However,it is inspiring that driven by duty and religion,many people with justice,like Parker and Rankin,risked their lives to help slaves cross the Ohio River and pursue freedom.The movie Brothers of the Borderland portraits a tough ride for liberty and a fierce fight for freedom.
We all left with a deeper understanding of American history.Someone said that the exhibits and programs bring attention to the issue of social justice by making us aware of the need to keep battling for freedom.We are not supposed to kill each other.We need to trust each other.Cherish the freedom we have had and fight for that we have not.Please light a candle of the window in our hearts and have freedom passed on from generation to generation,just like the meaning conveyed by the symbol of the National Underground Railroad Freedom center.


Beth(wang qing) said...

We are all cousins.

lucia said...

My feeling was complex when the tour guide told me about the percentage of his blood in the gene test. I was shocked to know that 2.8 million Africans lost their lives in their painful history.
To tell you the truth, I got to know the real meaning of the "Underground Railroad" museum, only after the explanation by the guide. How about you? You guys may be smarter than me.