Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heal The World

DURING the time of staying in OSU, we have met a lot of funny and intersting things. Last week, we were asked to talk about whether we believe China and United States have a responsibility to reduce pollution and educate people about alternative sources of energy by Peter. I think the topic is significant, and I just want to share my opinion.

IT is a very important point which I deeply believe that each person who is living in the earth has the responsibility to reduce pollution and educate people about alternative sources of energy. Nowadays more and more people realize how serious the problem of pollution we are facing and how imperative we should find and use alternative sources of energy in place of the current energy source. As we all know, United States and China are the largest carbon-emission countries in the world. In this case, United States and China of course should take the responsibility in reducing the pollution and educating people about alternative sources of energy. And in my opinion, what we should do is not wasting our time in arguing who should pay the bill, but just do our best to fight against pollution and also lead other countries all over the world to join us guarding our living environment. I think solving the problem is the most important thing we should do. Let's struggle together!!!

I know Peter's purpose that he want us to consider the matter from different sides. And my thought about the question maybe can make sense. Anyway, I will make my efforts to help heal the world!


mikelohre said...

I agree, Vicas, and fights about money and blame just take too long and miss the point: we need to do something together, no matter who leads or follows. Let's get it done!

Vicas said...

Thank you, mike. Thanks for understanding me. Let's get it done together~