Sunday, July 25, 2010

Wonderful Saturday shopping

Now is the Sunday morning, it's raining hard outside. And we still have an hour before going to church, I decide to write something on my blog.
I recalled many precious memories that I treasured these days, but right now, the most fresh flashback for me is yesterday. I opened my eyes, found my new bag, got off my bed,found my new shoes, all these solid evidence indicate that I had a great time shopping in the outlet.
Actually compared to many girls, I'm not a good shopper, I don't know much about brands, and little about what I want, shopping for me is more like wandering among the stores. I constantly reminded myself I had to buy something, it's in America. So I began my tough time choosing stuffs. In fact, I wasted almost 2 hours hanging in Nike and Adidas ,bought a pair of " not so satisfied" shoes. But as soon as I entered a women oriented shoes store, I spent less than 10 minutes made a deal on the Cloud 9 which is also a sneaker with extreme comfort. In the next 15 minutes, a bag with a very reasonal price also convinced me to bring it home.
You know it, time always flies when you've just got into the groove. I finally realized I had so many stuffs wanting to buy, but the Urban Express has already be there waiting for me. But that's also the best for shopping, stop at an appropriate time, and be enthusiastic for the next time.
Ok, now it's nine twenty-five, which means I have only 35 minutes to prepare for church. I think I'll sleep for a while and wake up Linda 20 minutes later.

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