Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anxious to meet you

Some of you might have met my son, Bobby, in Wuhan. My husband and I are anxious to meet you and maybe I can cook some American or Italian food for your cookout.



mikelohre said...

Claudine, we took the students by Bobby's house today and pointed out his garden and one of the students said, "This house is red, just like in China!"

We look forward to seeing you soon and appreciate all the help the friendship and good will that you always offer to the WTOSP!

Cindy said...

Claudine,we have met Bobby in Wuhan,and he is very really nice.And I want to say "thank you" for your help!I look forward to seeing you soon!

Beth(wang qing) said...

Hi Claudine!
I am looking forward to see you and your husband. Maybe we can make some simple Chinese food for you.
Thank you for your help that solving the problems in getting our visa.
btw, Bob said"I love you!"to you when we met him in Wuhan, and he asked us to tell you about that :)

Lynn said...

Hi Claudine!
I just want to say that I can't wait to see you! All people here are so nice,and I'm sure our group will love your American or Italian food ~O(∩_∩)O~

lucia said...

Hi, Claudine, I am Lucia, the English teacher of this summer program from Wuhan. Very glad to read your warm invitation. Actually I've known your son, Bob for 6 years. When he came to Wuhan for the first time in 2004, I worked as the teacher assistant in his home class.We've become friends since then. And the students in Wuhan all like him very much.
Cann't wait to see you and your husband, because of his friend in the congress, our visa date has been changed, otherwise, we wouldn't have been here. We are all very grateful for his help in making our visa changed and sucessful.
Pete Dully said he likes the food you cook, and I am expecting to see you soon and enjoy the American food /Italian food with you and my students!!!