Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A day to the Columbus zoo

Yesterday ,we went to the Columbus zoo.The zoo is very big and consists of a wide variety of animals and plants throughout the world.We went to the "Polar frontier"and "Asia Quest" in the morning and "Austrialia Islands"and "African forest" in the afternoon. It's really fantastic and interesting.

Walking in the zoo,we enjoyed the beautful scenery as well as learning much knowledge. Although the wonderful environment in the zoo,many animals are subject to extinction,such as panda,tiger, coral reef and so on. According to the statistics,half of the world's original forest cover is gone. The last tropical rainforest tree will fall in 2045 at the current rate of decline. As we 've known ,the forests play an substantial part in substaining the whole climate and ecosystem ,so the price we human beings taken may be beyong our expectation when destroying them.

The most impressing thing to me is the gorilla's adopting.At first,we humans bring the little garillas into a surrogate family created by us,then we choose a mother for them .After some period of time,a silverback is joined in the groups.Although the procedure may look normal to us, it contain a common but profound rule of nature ,that is:" only garillas can teach other garillas how to be a gareilla."Actually ,most animals are gregarious .Without groups ,it's hard for them to survive .The fact that the groups are getting fewer and fewer can break out our illusion that we humans can always keep several animals at the end in case of their extinction. So what we have to do now is to conserve it and take some efficient actions to protect them. Fortunately there are many conservations now to help protect the animals and the public are getting to pay more and more attention to it.I hope that we human beings can finally find a balance between the development of industrialization and the maintenance of our beautiful planet.

Anyway ,it's a happy experience to visit the zoo. We had a good time there.


mikelohre said...

You bet. I also think balance between growth and conservation is the key, Emily. Nice writing and fun picture too. Thank you!

lucia said...

Gee, I like the picture. Why not post more ones when you write other entries?