Monday, July 26, 2010

I Love It ~~~

Even though my hair is short and I’m outgoing just like a tomboy. I really don’t like sports. Because I hate sweating. Whenever I sweats, I don’t want to do anything except change my clothes and take a shower. So when Pete told us that we would have a class about how to play baseball, I couldn’t heighten my interest in this class. After being taught the rule of baseball, my only feeling was “OK. It’s a sport. It’s just a sport. Nothing serious”
When we arrived at the stadium where we would see a game of baseball, I still kept complaining “why must we expose under the blistering sun. It’s so hot here. I don’t want to watch this game. It must be boring.” Then I went to a shady place with two girls and just ignored this game. However, when I went back to my seat and got down to watch it. I found that it’s really fun. It’s not as boring as I thought. I even cheered with other people for our team. In fact, I found that baseball is different from other sports. When we see soccer and basketball, we keep feeling nervous and keep aggressiveness in the whole game. As a contrast, we have more time to relax during a baseball game, and we can also drink beer and talk with our friends. I think this why I become interested in baseball.

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mikelohre said...

You are funny Keira! I think it's great you got something out of the game by just slowing down and watching and relaxing. That's what it takes and it was nice to sit next to you and talk about the game, and life too. That's how we do it!