Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mike's blog entry for Monday, July 19

Hello students, and hopefully by today, you will all have your Gmail accounts and be members of the blog. I'm hoping you will be reading this from the library.

Please use the blog to post one of your first two Composition Book entries. As you type from your notebook, please add and revise where needed. Also, feel free to introduce some things about yourself as you write on the blog, so that everyone is able to get to know you a little better through reading your writing.

I'm going to just write a few words about the Zoo yesterday. I had a wonderful time, and in thinking about it, what stands out to me is the importance of the Zoo for us, and for our children. We must keep teaching people to be aware that the world is not just for humans, and that animals are such an important aspect of our lives. They are part of our ecosystem, and even though we may not realize it, we all depend on each other. You cannot have unbalance in the ecosystem without a consequence.

It was so great to see the children get excited about seeing so closely the polar bears, leopards, and koala bears that they would never see without the zoo. The beauty of the animals is a powerful argument to make sure we maintain a habitat for them, and the mystery of the animals is powerful, too.

I grew up on a farm, feeding animals each morning at 5 a.m. for chores. We had chickens, sheep, pigs, cattle, horses, goats, and of course cats and dogs, too! My world was full of animals and they made my life more fulfilled.

As I grew older, I was the first in my family to have the chance for an education. I left the country life and went to the city. I have gained a lot, as now I have a chance to increase my knowledge and opportunities. Yet, I have also lost something, and that is my connection to nature and everyday life with animals. The Zoo reminded me not to forget about our partners in the world, and it made me understand possibly why it has been difficult and a little lonely since my dog Loki died in June. He was a really good friend and companion to me for 11 years.

Animals really can be a powerful part of our experience, and I am thankful for all the reminders that the Zoo offered me to that point. I hope you enjoy the pictures of Lucia, Wu Ling, Jean, Queena, Emily, Beth, Kelly, Kiera, James, Fang Ming, the polar bears, and Loki that I uploaded with this post.


P.S. I tried to embed a slideshow of the pictures I took at the Zoo, so we shall see if it works. . .


Beth(wang qing) said...

I like the picture of me with the tiger ^_^
Some picture's background is so beautiful and it looks like a paiting behind.

Lynn said...

I agree with Beth(*^__^*)
I love your photos though I cannot see myself in them~~~~(>_<)~~~~
And I'm happy to share your story of your childhood as well~~~

George said...

I was supposed to make comment two days before, but something unexpected happended, then I couldn't...
Actually, I had a pet when I was in elementary school, but it was killed by my family cause it made lots of noisy and my grandparents didn't like it. I was very sad that time when it past away.
So, is Loki died this year? I am sorry to hear that you lost your good friend and companion, but be brave!

lucia said...

First I want to say that I am very sorry you lost Loki. I know how it feels when a person lost his good friend who has accompanied you for 11 years.
You know what? The trip to the Zoo have changed some of my view. Generally I thought the zoo is a place not clean, most visited by children. But here in the Columbus Zoo, what impressed me most are mainly the following three things. First, the living condition of the animals in the zoo is good. The sanitation is so nice that I even enjoy observing animals.I can smell nothing bad except at 1 or 2 places(mokey, penguin). The cleanness invites me to see more and stay there longer. Second, facilities are convenient for all different people, esp, for the disabled people. I remember you told me, the govenment see to that the roads should be wide enough and blockless for the disabled people with wheelchairs. The access to the public facilities must be available to everybody. That is really a nice thing to see so many types of people---different races, different ethnic groups(Amish people, for example), the whole family (parents carrying children and pushing them in the small cart)leisurely spending their time there. Third, another thing I found interesting is that there are two different ways of collecting small money to help protect the "endangered" animals. The one in the polar bear exhibition section, the bear gives a simulated sound when a coin is put in. Another in the gorilla area is even fun, you can see how the coin runs into the hole of the collection box. I think the idea here is that you should DO something to take care of these animals.The zoo really knows how to take care of the animals.
After the trip, I think the zoo is a place where people get knowledge with observation, where they can enjoy the leisure time, and experience new things. It is an educational and enjoyous trip for me.
I really enjoyed my time there!!!