Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thank you, Mike, my friend.

How are you guys doing?
My laptop was down as I have mentioned before, however, Mike gave me his macbook today. So sweet! Really appreciate what Mike has done for me and us. By the way, I am a big fan of Apple, even though I did not have one. Every touch on the keyboard make me feel excited now. Enjoying.
From now on, I could be able to log on blog everyday. Okay, then, let's talk about my American impression, in fact, I got to know about United States when I went to the junior school, where I accepted sort of American education, 'cause my school was initiated by several professors form Yale University in 1906. I remember my teacher named David from Yale taught me a lot about USA, such as American English, songs, culture diversity and baseball. At that time, I have a picture about America: a large nation as we are with much fewer population which believe that freedom comes the first. In this way, I was effected by their culture indeed, surely, freedom became my chasing goal. Well, that's what I want to blog-on today, blog you next time. Bless us!


mikelohre said...

Vincent, I don't know how to type Mae Guan Xi? May Gwan She? My Chinese is so poor and my pinyin for it might be worse!. . . but what I mean is, It's no problem! I don't need that laptop as I have computers at home. Enjoy! And thanks for posting!

Lynn said...

Mike,that is "Mei Guan Xi"~O(∩_∩)O~
Thanks for everything that you have done for us

Vincent said...

Mike, you could type Bu Ke Qi as well, LOL. However, Thanks a lot, my friend.