Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Best Farewell Party

It is so surprising to find that I have fell in love with the Ohio State University very deeply, and I do not want to leave this place which leaves great impression on me, and brings so many unforgettable memories for me; I do not want to leave this place where I can enjoy to be a real buckeye, and create such a wonderful life for me.

During these days, I always complained that it is so tired and "boring" that I do not want to participate in activities any more, and I thought that I really need to relax myself as what I like to do as possible. Although I complained all the time, I still persisted in taking an active part in this summer program. Maybe I have several reasons for this strange phenomenon, For one thing, I really have a good time here, and I just prefer to express my content mood to others. For another thing, only trying to enjoy the things can really bring enjoys to yourself. So I have tried my best to perform very well in it. No matter for what reason, I would like to express my feeling that missing here in a special way.

And it is no wonder that I do not want want to leave here tomorrow.I imagined that I have a time machine, and I would rather to get another opportunity to be a buckeye here, I won't be regretful anyway. But in fact that there is no choice for us!
Tonight the sweet people who are the very ones to us are Big Mike, Handsome Pete, Awesome Hans and Beauty Minger prepared a special party for us to see us off leave for Washington DC. Many respected guests all came there. Some of them always provide help to us, and some of them concentrate on our visit all the time, or some of them invite us to their home to enjoy ourselves. Still I should say thank you!

During the party I feel happy, but I feel grieved that I have to leave. But I have determined to pursue my deeper education here if I can. And OSU, you just wait for me, I will come back tow years later.I will try to become a real buckeye.


lucia said...

Now I know what I will expect when I give the assignment to my students to write about "If I had a time machine..."

If I had a time machine, I wish it would stop at the beautiful moments at 2010 WTO Summer Program in OSU...

For me,if I had a time machine, I'd like to stay as long as possible in the RPAC to enjoy swimming.

How about yours?...

Cindy said...

For me, if I have a time machine,I would like to stay here as long as I want. Haha, maybe two years later I will come back~